Who We Are?


Many people today want to keep pets. Having a pet makes a person more responsible and teaches him to be cautious. Finding correct information regarding pet care, however, seems to be a challenge. We set the cornerstone for our website Infipet while keeping this in mind.

Infipet is a free resource that provides information researched and compiled by industry professionals. We provide information on pet care news and tips to owners of a wide range of companion animals, from cats and dogs to hamsters and horses.

Infipet was founded on 2022 and has since grown into one of the most trusted online content producers. We cover extensive information related to various animals and pets, such as the pet’s appearance, temperament, overall health, and requirements for its maintenance.


About Me


Victor Hardy is a registered clinical vet in the UK with a passion for helping people understand their pets better. He achieves this goal using any means available to him, including practical consulting, speaking at international conferences, writing articles, making television and radio appearances, and more. His main clinical areas were animal nutrition and behavior, but he also had a lifelong passion for exotic organisms. His main clinical areas are animal nutrition and behavior.


He is a veterinarian with approximately 15 years of expertise in the pet food and pet healthcare industries worldwide. In addition, he is actively associated with various animal welfare organizations. In need of adoption, providing them with love and training while they look for their permanent homes.



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