Are Victorian Bulldogs Aggressive? (For Beginners)

Are Victorian Bulldogs Aggressive

If you are considering having a Victorian bully as your next family pet, you must know the truth about their aggressiveness. Then you’ve come to the exact right place to clear all your doubts.

Are Victorian bulldogs aggressive? Generally, Victorian bulldogs are quiet and reserved while being alert at the same time. They are utterly loyal to the family and great guard dogs too. But, depending on the purpose they are bred and due to poor socialization, their aggressive nature can emerge. Some health issues such as hypothyroidism, range syndrome, and cognitive dysfunction can also promote aggression in Victorian bulldogs. 

No worries, the article contains everything you need to know about the aggressive nature of a Victorian bully with some bonus tips on how to control him when he is aggressive by any chance. Let’s run into the deep water. 

Are Victorian Bulldogs Good Pets?

Well, in short, and with my own experiences, YES! Victorian bullies are great family pets and they are perfectly fine to keep along with kids too. They move well along with teenagers as well and for your little kids, a Victorian bully is the best playmate. I’m pretty sure your kids will be more than happy with a Victorian bully since they are so gentle and considerate too. 

Therefore, Victorian bullies are one of the best options as a family pet and their patience level is at the next level. They are also good-to-go dogs since they do not require many exercise sessions and you will be able to manage your time more constructively if you are choosing a Victorian bully as your family dog. 

But make sure all his food and water bowls are filled and remember that as a breed they are a little slobbery too. So, you need to prepare yourself and your house for him. Now, no worries as you do not have to ‘prepare’ the house in a way that turns everything upside down. You just need to do some little adjustments only. 

Victorian bullies are not a breed that requires high and expensive maintenance which is one of the pros of having them as a family pet. 

They are perfectly fine dogs as family pets when you fulfil their mental and physical needs which are the same as all the other dog breeds. They need your attention a little and keep them happy and healthy. 

Are Victorian Bulldogs Stubborn?

Generally, Victorian bulldogs are much sweeter and more affectionate than all the other bull breeds. 

Since Victorian bulldogs are a much-developed version of English bulldogs, they are bred in a manner in which aggressiveness and stubbornness are exhibited at a very low level. 

As a result of using very modern breeds with perfectly fine characters and lineages, Kenn Mollet has become successful in creating a new breed, Victorian bulldogs with incredible personalities equally mingled with kindness too. 

Therefore, in short, it can be suggested that Victorian bulldogs are not stubborn. But, you should remember that the manner you train him or lack of socialization and attention and love can make any fur friend stubborn and that is the same for Victorian bullies too. 

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Why Do Victorian Bulldogs Become Aggressive?

As we all know Victorian bulldogs are bred as a variation of the English bulldog and the procedure was started in the 1980s. So, the English bulldogs and all the other bullies were used as bull baiters in the past. Therefore, they are bred with aggressiveness which is much needed for bull baiting. 

Even Though bull baiting is banned at present aggressive genes can still be present in bulldogs. It depends on the manner of raising them with the training. 

All in all, there can be some instances where a Victorian bulldog can become aggressive too. But, they are defined as one of the most lovable and as an excellent companion of human beings. 

We’ll look into some of the major reasons that make a Victorian bully a little aggressive. 

1 . His Love For You And The Family

Victorian bulldogs are extremely bound to you and your family. That can be the same reason for him to become aggressive when he feels like you are in danger. 

That aggressive behavior is not towards you, but towards the external force that brings danger to you. Therefore, their protective behavior tends to exhibit aggression at some points.  

2 . Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety has been identified as one of the most common reasons for a Victorian bully to become aggressive.

When they are not receiving the attention and care they want, they automatically become aggressive. If you are keeping him alone in the house for about 5-6 hours, he misses you a lot. When this routine takes place regularly, he might be hit with separation anxiety. 

As a result, he might become more aggressive towards your friends and neighbors too. Sometimes, if it is not treated this aggression might develop toward you as well. 

3 . Medical Conditions

Some of the medical conditions as mentioned below can be immediate reasons to evoke aggression in your Victorian bully. 

  • Cognitive Dysfunction
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Rage Syndrome

You have to pay close attention if you feel like your Victorian bully is suffering either of the above conditions. Make sure you take him to the vet and follow his advice.

4 . Physical Illnesses

If your Victorian bully is suffering from a physical illness, there are chances for him to become aggressive and to be stubborn as well.

It is not because he is angry at you and it is totally because of the pain he undergoes and it is common for any dog to behave in such a manner when they are in pain.

So stay on alert. 

5 . Poor Socialization

When any dog breed is not properly socialized, it is quite natural and normal for them to become aggressive. So, the same theory goes at par with the Victorian bulldogs too. 

If you have not properly socialized him with the guidance of your vet he might show aggressive behavior. Therefore, early socialization is the ultimate key to having a bully friend with a gentle personality. 

How To Stop Victorian Bulldogs’ Aggression?

You can stop or control your Victorian bulldogs’ aggression simply by following steps since they are not exhibiting violent behavior when they are aggressive. 

  • Start a proper early socialization
  • Select the breeder carefully
  • Take him away from stressful situations
  • Consult the vet
  • Make him your best pal

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Do Victorian Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs?

Usually, Victorian bulldogs are naturally a social breed. They are quite well-behaving around other dogs. They show friendly behavior even around cats. 

Victorian bulldogs do not have a high prey drive either. Once your Victorian bully gets familiar with strange dogs he will get along with them in a very good manner like a well-disciplined gentleman. 


Well, I know everyone judges a Victorian bully as a serious and dominant dog filled with aggressive behaviors by his appearance. But, trust me he is not. 

Therefore, do not judge a Victorian bully by his appearance and the little aggressive issues can be overcome by following the above tips I have shared with you. So happy Bully time!

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