Are Victorian Bulldogs Born With Tails? Here’s The Truth!

Are Victorian Bulldogs Born With Tails

Victorian bulldogs- a healthier version of English bulldogs. If you have a Victorian bulldog, have you ever looked at his tail? Well, if yes, you might have some questions. 

Are Victorian bulldogs born with tails? Yes, Victorian bulldogs are born with tails. Their tails are straight or corkscrew and those are not turned downwards or carried over his back. 

Then it is time for more info about the tails of Victorian bulldogs and keep on reading until you will find all the answers to your doubts.  

Can Victorian Bulldogs Have Tails?

As mentioned earlier too, Victorian bulldogs also can have tails like the other bulldog breeds. Victorian bulldogs are not a completely different breed since they are bred to be healthier than English bulldogs. So, their appearance does not change a lot and victorian bulldogs do still have a wrinkly round face with short tails. 

The Victorian bulldog breed standard outlines the ideal appearance of the breed. Their tails are supposed to be either straight or screwed, never curved or curly, according to the rule. They must be small, with a broad base that tapers to a point. And from their base, they must always hang or corkscrew downward.

Usually, Victorian bulldogs can be identified with different types of tails.

1 . Screw Tails

Screw tails are tightly twisted in order to make them sit close to the body like a bun. When Victorian bulldog pups with screw tails are born, the bones and spaces between them are still soft enough to allow for a gentle unfurling of the tail. However, with their age, the bones harden and settle into place. Even Though show dogs also have this type of tail, they lead to some considerable health issues. 

2 . Straight Tails

Straight tails are one of the most prominent tail types that can be seen among Victorian bulldogs. They are only a few couple inches long and that is the natural length of straight tails. Straight tails are highly accepted as the show standard by the American Kennel Club.  

Do Victorian Bulldogs Have Long Tails?

Victorian bulldogs’ tails are no exception to the tails of English Bulldogs since there’s no noticeable change in the appearance of victorian bulldogs and English bulldogs. 

Therefore, Victorian bulldogs are born with short and straight tails like English bulldogs. Normally, the tail of a dog is composed of 19 – 23 coccygeal vertebrae. But, Victorian bulldogs are born with only 6 -13 of them. 

But, physically they look like they do not have tails at all due to some reasons. Instead, they are blessed with different tail types too. 

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Are Victorian Bulldogs Born Without Tails?

By now, I suppose most of your problems are answered and now you might wonder about, are Victorian bulldogs born without tails. Well, there can be some instances where Victorian bulldogs are born without tails due to genetic issues or any other health condition. 

But, as a whole, Victorian bulldogs can be born with short or long tails, and the growth of the tail changes with age. I know many of you might not notice Victorian bulldogs having a tail since it is not long as other dog breeds. That is why it is a bit difficult to detect their tails at once. 

Do not forget that they also have a short and cute tail at their back like other dog breeds. 

Sometimes, Victorian bulldogs can be born with long tails too. Even Though they are in good health, kennel clubs do not recommend Victorian bulldogs have long tails. It is not only for Victorian bulldogs but also for all the other bulldogs too. 

So, at this point, the cosmetic tail docking of Victorian bulldogs is promoted which is so unfortunate. Anyhow, all the short tails of Victorian bulldogs do not mean that they have been docked. Some are naturally short. 

Are Victorian Bulldogs’ Tails Cut Off At All?

Well, cutting off your Victorian bully’s tail or docking it is a commonly used phrase, and have you ever thought about what is this cutting off and docking? 

Let me be clear with this. Tail docking of Victorian bulldogs or any other bulldog breed is referred to as chopping off the tail of a bulldog completely or partially. 

In older days, tail docking has been done in order to protect the bullies from infections and injuries. They believed that tail docking prevented rabies and it also helps to strengthen the dog’s back. But, at present, it has changed merely to a matter of appearance. 

The good news is that tail docking has been banned in many countries at present. There should be a medical reason to consider tail docking. 

All in all, today most breeders have become capable of breeding and providing short tails Victorian bulldogs and also other bullies as well. So, tail docking is not a necessary act to be done at present except for medical reasons. 

So there are instances where the Victorian bulldogs’ tails are cut off due to medical reasons which require complete or partial removal of the tail. Some of the medical reasons that lead to the removal of Victorian bulldog’s tails are as follows. 

  •   Spinal issues
  •   Born deformities
  •   Ingrown tails
  •   Infections

Should I Get My Victorian Bulldog Tails Docked?

If you directly ask this question from me, I have a very big NO-NO. Have you ever thought about the pain he undergoes when removing or just cutting his tail off? Can you imagine his situation? 

Do not forget that the tail of a dog is a part of his spine. It hurts a lot when cutting off a part from the spine and it should not be mentioned at all. 

But, if you are left alone with the option of docking your Victorian bully’s tail, you should go for that as the vet advises. It should be only done if your Victorian bully is facing some medical issues regarding the tail. 

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Then the vet will perform a surgical tail amputation while using anesthetics as it is necessary at the moment. Sometimes, docking might be the only option to save his life. In such instances, you cannot neglect tail docking no matter how hard it is for you to make up your mind.

Do not ever dock your Victorian bully’s tail for mere appearance and just for the show-off. You will never feel the way your Victorian bully feels when his tail is docked. Do not make a reason for you to suffer for your entire life.

Therefore, it is not necessary or needed at all to dock your victorian bully’s tail except for medical conditions. 


By now, I hope you have solved most of your doubts about the tail of your Victorian bully. Now. You know the importance of the tail of a bully and how to maintain it too. So, all bulldogs are not categorized as tailless dogs and especially, Victorian Bulldogs are born with short and straight tails that play a major role in expressing their emotions and feelings. 

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