Why Is My Bulldog Out Of Control? (Explained)

Bulldog out of control

Bulldogs are one of the famous and common breeds of dogs that most people like to have in their house. They have a good build for a guard dog and are very strong for their job. 

Generally, they are cool, calm, and composed-natured, but exceptions do happen, and sometimes they can be out of control too. 

If you have a bulldog that has been out of control for some time now and he is charging and attacking every family member, and you wonder what might be wrong, then you need to take him to the vet for a proper check-up. 

Why is My Bulldog Out Of Control? The bulldogs sometimes can be stubborn and may have anger issues if they are not dealt with time during their training. So lack of proper training is one of the common causes of your bulldog getting out of control. 

You may also need to consult with a dog trainer, and they will be able to help you solve the problem.

So if you are planning to get a bulldog for your house, then it is better that you are aware of these things before taking the decision and if you already have it, then try to take some steps as soon as possible. 

Otherwise, he may harm someone in the family, including your kids. So read below for more information about this issue.

Why Is My Bulldog Getting Out Of Control?

After all, owning a dog is not an ordinary chore; it’s like having a child, sometimes. Therefore, learning how to get the most out of your companion animal and lifestyle is important. 

Thus there can be many reasons explaining this nasty behavior of your bulldogs, such as psychological issues, issues in their diet, lack of proper training, and some other things that might trigger them to get out of control too.

Every pet owner has wondered why bulldogs are getting out of control and to stop destroying their home and garden. 

Unfortunately, this challenging task can be more difficult than one may expect. Every owner has been there when your dog is trampling through the lawn or shredding things for no reason. 

But you do not need to worry as there are some measures and steps that you can take to stop or prevent this kind of situation with your dogs.

Causes Of Sudden Behavior Change In Bulldogs

If you suspect your dog is getting out of control, read about why it might be happening, what you can do about it, and what professional advice you should seek if your pet isn’t responding to preventative measures. Here are some of the causes why your bulldog is acting out and getting out of control:

Lack of proper training: 

It is the most common reason for an out-of-control bulldog. Proper training and socialization are critical to a dog’s well-being and behavior. Without these, your dog will act out to gain attention, break free from a situation he finds nerve-wracking, or simply because he likes being on his terms. 

Bulldogs are known for their territorial nature, but if your bulldog is aggressive towards other dogs in the neighborhood, then do not worry, as some guidelines can help you stop this behavior.

Separation anxiety:

When they are young puppies, they are with their mother for much of the day and night, whereas you live in a house with other animals such as cats or dogs. They become overstimulated by their lack of supervision and territory.

Lack of Diet:

Bulldogs love to eat, and if they are not getting the proper diet, they can act out. If you think that their behavior is because of their diet, then consult with your vet. Dogs will try anything to get food in a pack situation. This can lead to aggression towards others and overeating as well.

Psychological issues:

Fear, anxiety, and depression can lead to unhealthy aggression. If this is the reason for your bulldog’s behavior, it would be best to seek professional advice from a vet or a dog behaviorist.

The sudden environment changes:

If you are living in an apartment or moving to a new house, it is best to bring your bulldog with you as they can get anxious and aggressive if they are not feeling comfortable.

Thus, with bulldogs in your house, you need to be careful about the changes you make around their environment, be it a change to their living space, home, or any other thing. Bulldogs do not often like sudden changes, and it can trigger them to become out of control.

What Can You Do To Prevent Your Bulldog From Getting Out Of Control?

It’s not uncommon for bulldogs to get a little out of hand during walks. This is mainly because they’re naturally stubborn animals and lack proper training on the owner’s behalf. However, it is well known for being energetic, playful, curious, and hardy. 

They are also considered to be intelligent canines. You can take some steps to ensure that your bulldog doesn’t go off the leash and into traffic, jump all over people at the park or get out of control.

Proper leashing


It’s important to remember that a bulldog is a large, powerful animal with a lot of energy. 

This means that for their size, their coordination and jumping ability are not quite up to par. 

This can often lead to them running into things in the path down their leash, like fences or door frames. Therefore, you can ensure your bulldog has leashed appropriately on public walks.

Proper training

Training a Bulldog well from the beginning can save you from having to do excessive work on training or exercise later on in life, so it’s best to get started early and create a solid foundation for your pet to build off of when he is mature. 

Training your pet well can help ensure that he grows into an intelligent canine and stays healthy for his entire life.

The first step is to find ways to train your pet properly. Avoid overtraining your dog too much. 

If a Bulldog is over-trained, he can end up frustrated and bored. This can cause the dog to become disobedient and end up with bad behaviors such as jumping or barking.

Instead of over-training your dog, it’s best to put him through daily training sessions until he sits quietly on command when you’re around. 

Once your bulldog has mastered that behavior, you can stop training time and move on to other essential things such as picking up his toys and leash walking. Keep rewarding him if he does it correctly and punish him if he shows anger or does not follow your instructions

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