Do English Bulldogs Change Color As They Grow? (Answered)

Do English Bulldogs Change Color As They Grow

Recently, have you noticed a change in the color of your Bulldog? Is it true that English Bulldogs change their fur color with growth? As a caring dog parent, such doubts make you stressed more than your problems. 

Generally, English Bulldogs change color with growth due to several factors such as genetic effects, nutrition levels, medications, climate, and skin diseases. The color change is possible as a specific stage of their aging process as well.

So, no worries we will have all these reasons simplified and you will become aware of some more details such as the color changing age, how it takes place and whether you should worry about the change or not. Start reading now!

How do English Bulldogs’ Color Changes as They Grow?

Literally, ‘Bulldogs’ are capable of creating a fierce imagination in our mind by their name. But, if you are a Bulldog parent you know how adorable they are and crave love as every other doggy. 

English Bulldogs are brave enough to protect you even from a bear and at the same time, they can be the cutest and most tamed pet for your homies. So, do not forget that your rascal can be both a devil and a fairy. 

Well, now let’s come to the question. How do English Bulldogs’ colors change when they grow up? As you are fully aware, bulldogs are blessed with outstanding attention because of their range of color no matter where they stand. 

As mentioned earlier as well English Bulldog colors change with their growth is majorly due to genetics. It is a quite natural phenomenon and a newborn English Bulldog pup can have some crazy genes which might appear on his coat after several months or sometimes several years. 

You might first discover the change in your Bulldog’s color from his tail or little hair around his ears. Well, it depends and there is no specific and exact area for the color change, to begin with. 

Why English Bulldogs’ Color Changes as They Grow?

Well, now we are digging into the reasons why English Bulldogs are subjected to color changes as they grow up. 

We’ll simplify the above-mentioned general reasons in a more comprehensive manner which will aid you in having a deep reading about your cute beast. 

1 . Genetic Differences

As for all the other living beings, the color of the English Bulldogs is determined by the genetics which they inherit from their parents. Majorly, the color change of English Bulldogs is also due to genetic differences they undergo. 

In simple terms, your Bulldog is born with a pair of genes (allele) that contains his mother’s and father’s colors. 

Once these two alleles combine in one place they decide the inner and outer color appearance of the pup. 

2 . Stage of Maturity

Changing the English Bulldog’s color can be a natural procedure as one stage of becoming mature. It is common with some other breeds as well. 

You might notice that the color of your newborn Bulldog pup has started to turn into another color with their growth. Do not worry, it is a stage of becoming mature.

3 . Medications

It can be identified that several medications also contribute to the color changing of your English Bulldog.

So, be careful and the best option you can choose is to visit the vet and have a thorough knowledge regarding the medications given to your doggy. 

Stay alert!

4 . Nutrition Level

Do not even let your Bulldog friend suffer from malnutrition. It is a fact that English Bulldogs are prone to obesity and remember very well that it is not a reason to not feed them properly. 

Poor nutrition level of your Bully effect in shedding and finally there might appear color pigmentations on his skin as well. 

Fill his food bowl and tummy with enough nutrition and make sure not to cross the border. It will be more effective if you can add Omega-3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and fish oil supplements to his meals. 

5 . Climate

Climatic changes can also be a reason for the color change of some of the Bulldogs. 

Specifically, sunlight plays a major role in the procedure. As a result, your Bully might get some color pigmentations. 

6 . Skin Diseases

This is a situation where you should never wait and watch. If you notice any color change in loving Bulldog, observe him well and identify whether it is a symptom of skin disease. 

If it is a skin disease you will see some rashes and itching. 

Do not stay until the color changes a lot and once you identify that there are red lights of a skin disease take him to the vet. 

Apart from the last in the list the rest of the reasons are not to be worried about. But be alert if his color changes due to any kind of skin disease, and take him to the Vet without delaying any longer.

At What Age Does Their Color Start to Change?

Appearance can be interpreted as everything of a dog and English Bulldogs take a higher position in the hierarchy. Their color combination and shiny coat grab everyone’s attention in any dog show. 

Therefore, color type and the appearance of the coat have become the most competitive factors among the English Bulldogs. They are bone with blessed colors and soft and shiny coats. 

The coat development stages of an English Bulldog parallel his growth stages from newborn up to 18 months. From month 0 the coat starts to grow little by little and when he is 18 months the color can be changed as he is fully grown by then.  

No doubt at all, the color range of English Bulldogs makes you astonished and it is quite magical. So, English Bulldogs are available in major 9 colors as follows.

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • Lilac
  • Merle
  • Seal
  • Fawn

Out of the above list, White, Red, and Fawn are considered standard colors while the rest of the colors are not standard. But remember that these non-standard colors are not rejected or undervalued. The only problem is if you have an idea to register them for dog shows only. It is not a MUST! 

Remember very well to brush your Bulldog’s coat about twice a week and you should concentrate more on their skin with cute wrinkles when grooming.

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Do English Bulldog Puppies get their parents’ Color?

Well, by now you have a solid idea about changing the color of your English Bulldog with their growth. But, still, you might have a question like Do Bulldog puppies get the color of their parents? 

Obviously, in the forming of genes related to color, a Bulldog pup gets two alleles from both his mom and dad. But, mostly even though the puppies have that color gene in their bodies, at birth they have somewhat different colors. It is a common condition among most Bulldog pups. 

For instance, suppose dog parents in a somewhat darker shade give birth to a cute litter with some diluted color. Some pups might be born in darker shades like Black and later on, change their color to Lilac or something lighter in color. 

So, the theory of Bulldog puppies getting their parents’ color can depend on and vary situation-wise.

Should I be Worried About The Color Change of English Bulldogs?

In short, NO! You do not need to worry about the color change of your Bulldog as it is pretty common among them. 

If you want to know exactly something more than this article explains about the color change of English Bulldogs, you can ask a reputable breeder and he will tell you what color your Bulldog pup will turn into in the future. 

No worries as Changing the color of your English Bulldog with their growth is a quite natural incident. All you need is to stay alert only to the reason for skin diseases. 

But it is better to keep in mind that some colors of English Bulldogs welcome certain health issues such as vision problems and hearing loss easily when compared to the other colors. Chocolate color is one such color.

Final Thoughts

No matter what the color is, the way you train your Bulldog friend and how you care for him are of the utmost importance. So, on top of the above, you should not allow a change of color to come to conclusions about your Bulldog’s health condition or attractiveness. 

Do not worry about their change of colors with the growth all you need to do is take care of him very well and a happy Bulldog will lead you to have a happy life as well.

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