Do French Bulldogs Need A Lot Of Attention? (Explained!)

Do French Bulldogs Need A Lot Of Attention

French Bulldogs – notorious attention seekers! Have you ever noticed that your Frenchie is sometimes so clingy and seeking your attention a lot more? 

French bulldogs are more clingy and often seek the attention of the owner by nature. Generally, Frenchies get along very well with people and other pets who are known to them. But yet, they do need a lot more attention as they are owner-oriented doggies. 

Let’s discover why Frenchies crave a lot of attention and what happens when they have not deserved it. Keep on reading to know more about these attention seekers. 

Why Do French Bulldogs Need So Much Attention?

Probably you might know by now, if you are an owner of a Frenchie, that they are quite like little children. Their cute little bat-eared face welcomes you warmly at any time you are around them. 

In a way, you might feel like your Frenchy is not getting mature and instead becomes more childish when he is overwhelmed by love. That’s the stage where they need to be petted, cuddled, and hugged no matter where their mood swings. 

Anyway, have you ever thought about why French bulldogs need so much attention from their owners? Let me clear all your doubts. 

We’ll check out what are the reasons for a Frenchie to seek a lot more attention. 

1 . Bored!

Boredom is one of the most common reasons for a Frenchie to seek a lot more attention. 

Suppose when you are out for work and your buddy is all alone at home without doing anything he becomes bored within 2-3 hours. 

He might probably try to sleep or play with a toy but, the chances of them working out are very less. In such cases, your Frenchy becomes more attention needed buddy. 

2 . Lack Of Exercises

A French bulldog is an energetic doggy who prefers to play and stay active. They need more exercise and outdoor walks than you think. 

So, when your Frenchie is not exercised properly, he tries to get your attention and go for a walk or to play outdoors. If he lacks such energetic activities he has all the right to seek your attention. 

3 . Still Puppies!

If your Frenchie is still a pup or very young at age, he tends to seek your attention as he is no different from a little child. You know how much attention a cute little child needs.  

Most of Frenchie’s puppyhood is spent with his owner as they can easily be heartbroken and require your attention a lot until the behavior annoys you. 

4 . Separation Anxiety

Remember well, French bulldogs are not for the people who are working for the whole day and spend a little time at home. If you are such a person, your Frenchie requires your attention more due to psychological issues. 

The most common psychological issue among the Frenchies is separation anxiety. The condition gets critical if your Frenchie is only attached to you more than other family members. 

During the hours you are not home, they lose their confidence and start seeking attention from anyone at home but, their favorite is you. 

So, if your Frenchie is suffering from separation anxiety, the chances are more for him to seek your attention and he has all the rights for such behavior. 

5 . Not Praising Good Behavior

When your Frenchy is doing something nasty and naughty, you just simply warn them to stop. But most of you do not tell him what good behaviors to practise. 

In such instances, when you just keep complaining and warning about his bad behaviors, they try to seek your attention by doing something else thinking that they are doing good things.

So, once your Frenchie starts behaving well and engaging in good activities remember to praise him. 

How Much Attention Does A French Bulldog Need?

As you know by now, French Bulldogs are professionals at attention seeking. They are capable of doing anything to get your attention and that does not mean that they are always engaging in good behaviors.

I know that now, your question is, how much attention does a Frenchie need?

Well, it depends on the age of your Frenchie. If your Frenchie is an adult and almost well bred, he/she shouldn’t be kept alone at home for more than 8 hours. 

Then can you imagine the status of Frenchie pups? They can be kept alone for a very short period without your presence. Generally, a puppy should need your attention for up to 3 hours and it should be constant. So, there’s no difference in the matter of Frenchie puppies as well. 

Try your best to provide him with proper training during those hours and gradually, they will learn how to stay alone when you are out for work or when you are not at home. 

When your Frenchie pup is growing while completing around 6 months, they only need your attention for about 20-30 minutes per day. But if he is suffering from any anxious condition or boredom things might change and you should be with him as much as you can. 

Both French bulldog adults and puppies require constant attention from their owners. They do not bother about the time and how much attention they want. 

We can’t just say in number how much attention any doggy needs. The more they have the more they enjoy! 

Signs Of A Attention-Seeking Frenchie

Well, when your Frenchie is not receiving enough attention from you they try to express their problem through some signs. Even humans use their tactical ways to express that they need more attention from their loved ones. 

So, any doggy including Frenchie’s is following the same when the problem is regarding attention. They try to express the signs below when they are lacking attention. 

1 . Excessively Bark 

When you fail to give your Frenchie the attention he needs, this sign of excessively barking can be seen. They become like the only child who is jealous of sharing their parents with others. 

2 . Destructive

Sometimes, french bulldogs might become destructive when they are not receiving your attention and this sign can cause damage to your furniture and even walls. 

In such behaviors, it might be difficult to control him. 

3 . Disturbing 

When you are engaging in work your Frenchie might try to enter your room and tell something while being disturbing. He aims to distract you from your work and take your attention toward him. 

4. Become Aggressive

In some cases, your Frenchie might become a bit aggressive when he is not receiving the attention he craves for. He might reject food and not come near you as he is angry. 

5 . Bring Toys To You

One of the cutest things Frenchies do when they need your attention very badly is, bring toys which they used to play with you in puppyhood. 

It is so adorable when he brings little toys with his cute eyes and tries to make you remember the happy memories. 

6 . Follows You Everywhere

When a Frenchie needs your attention he starts following you everywhere. You might have noticed this before and if he continues with the same try pouring some cuddles and petting him a little. 

These are not the signs to worry about but to be more attentive towards your Frenchie. Doggy friends need their owners’ presence more than anything. French Bulldogs, who have been categorized as a family-oriented breed, require your attention so much. 

Identify the signs and attend to their issues before things become worse. 

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What Happens When My French Bulldog Is Not Given Enough Attention?

As you now know the importance of giving attention to your French Bulldog, you should have at least a basic idea of what will happen when he is not receiving your attention. 

This is not only limited to French bulldogs but also all the doggy companions who live at your place tend to bog down when they lack attention.

Check out the below-mentioned possibilities which can take place when your Frenchie is not getting enough attention. 

1 . Become Stubborn

French bulldogs easily become stubborn and start to misbehave when your attention is elsewhere. They might chew your newly bought shoes or some furniture and even taste your garbage as well. 

No matter how they just only need your attention! 

2 . Reject Food

When your Frenchie is not having enough attention from you he might not show any interest in having food. 

They might tend to reject even their favorite treats. 

3 . Weight Loss

As a result of rejecting food, your Frenchie might face weight loss within a short period of time. Can you imagine how your attention matters to them? 

4 . Depression

In severe situations, your Frenchie might become depressed as a result of not receiving enough attention and sometimes it cannot be corrected. 

He will miss belly rubs from you, funny walks, and happy play times with you and finally become depressed gradually. 

Do not consider these possibilities as simple changes. French bulldogs are more sensitive to such changes and they are a more sociable dog breed. 

What Are The Ways To Give Attention To Your French Bulldog? 

All in all, you have come to the best part. Doggy friends, including French Bulldogs as well, love to get your attention on top of everything. So, then the question arrives: what are the ways you can follow to give attention to them? 

You can simply take your Frenchie for a walk in the evening while talking to them. 

You can manage some time to play with them in a park while letting them feel that he is valued and a priority. 

Feeding him with nutritious treats and main meals is also a good way to give your attention to him. However, all you need to do is spend time with him as much as you can and do not ignore or neglect him anytime. Let them feel they are loved and cared for. 

What Are The Other Kinds Of Attention A French Bulldog Needs? 

Most importantly, French bulldogs should be kept with good and close attention since they are much prone to diseases. 

You should be on alert about your Frenchie’s health condition and your less attention can lead him to severe conditions. 


French Bulldogs are a sociable breed and they seek more attention quite naturally. If you can balance your other work and pay attention to your Frenchy, then you will be so happy and content as you are such a caring dog parent. 

All you have to do is identify your Frenchie’s attention-seeking level and carefully attend to the issue while making him one of your priorities. A happy Frenchie, a happy you! 

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