Why Do French Bulldogs Sniff So Much? (Explained!)

Why Do French Bulldogs Sniff So Much

Are you wondering why your bat-eared French bulldog is sniffing almost all the things they see? Has it already grown to an annoying stage? But, unfortunately, you have to bear the pain as they have few but crucial reasons to sniff so much. 

French bulldogs tend to sniff more often to identify the environment, to maintain communication, and to identify the other dogs who have passed by a particular area, and sometimes they enjoy the act of sniffing on top of all. 

No worries, now you are heading to know all about your French bully’s sniffing and actually why they sniff a lot along with pros and cons. 

The Scene Behind The French Bulldog Sniffing

Now, before jumping into the answers it is better to have a general idea regarding the subject of sniffing French Bulldogs.

Do you know that French bulldogs are born with a powerful sense of smell? When compared with human beings, it is greater than 10,000 to 100,000. Surprising right? 

But, in the dog world, other breeds are born to sniff and they are gifted with an exceptional sense of smell than French Bulldogs. Therefore, when compared with the other dog breeds, the French bulldogs are a bit weaker in sniffing due to the biological structure of their noses. They have short nasal passages which do not let the smell enter completely.

French bulldogs’ identical shortened snouts and flat muscular faces do not possess enough space for smell receptors as other dogs who are with longer noses. As a result, Frenchies have very few scent receptors compared to other ‘good smellers’. 

Therefore, if a sniffing competition is held among all the dog breeds, your French Bulldog will not have a chance to win. But, do not forget that, they become second only to other dog breeds and not to us, human beings. 

Well, by now I suppose that you have enough basic knowledge to continue with the topic. Have you ever thought about the reasons why you Frenchie sniff almost everything like a crazy detector? 

What Are The Reasons For A French Bulldog To Sniff So Much? 

It has been discovered that French bulldogs also tend to sniff more because of the same reasons that the other dog breeds have. Let’s find out what they are. 

1 . To Identify The Environment

French bulldogs are very attentive to the environment they are in. As much as the other doggies, Frenchies also prefer sniffing the surroundings to grab some records.  

They are more interested in finding who are the other types of animals who have been in the place before. Do you know that they can even identify the mood of any dog who previously walked in the place? Yes, they are capable of as a result of the 300 million olfactory receptors. 

2 . To Communicate

Usually, all the doggies including Frenchies as well, prefer to sniff for communication. 

Sniffing is one of the major parts of their life of communication. They are receiving all the information about doggies and sometimes about other creatures as well who have passed a particular place before.

In some instances, Frenchies also leave messages to other creatures by marking their territory. Therefore, the purpose of communication is of utmost importance for Frenchies and also for other doggies to live their life while continuing relationships with each other. 

3 . ‘Mmm…Interesting!’

This is one common reason which can draw parallels with human beings. Most of the time, Frenchies and other dog breeds tend to sniff not only to communicate. 

They do sniff almost everywhere as an act of ‘gossiping’. Frenchies, just simply enjoy sniffing and having pleasure like humans in a way in which we look around and enjoy the site, perhaps the view around us. 

That is why, when you are out with your Frenchie for a walk they stop by every suspicious place like detecting professionals. Frankly, not for the basic purpose of sniffing, but to be on radar and get gossip about other doggies. 

There’s no surprising note about the act of sniffing French bulldogs as now it is clear that they also have the same common reasons which other dog breeds also have.  

The surprising part is in the below questions which were raised by most dog owners and no difference with Frenchie owners as well. 

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What Are French Bulldogs Sniffing? 

From a general point of view, all dog breeds are gifted with powerful sniffing abilities. It can be considered a gift by nature for them to identify different environments, substances, and people separately with a far better idea. 

Studies prove that dogs can sniff 1000 times better than human beings and it is the magic of 300 million olfactory receptors they’ve got. 

Well, all the dog balls including Frenchies as well, have their reasons for sniffing. Most commonly, they tend to engage in sniffing humans, sniffing other dogs and sniffing substances a lot. (Almost everything).

Let’s see why.

Why Sniff Humans?

Have you ever noticed your Frenchie sniffing you from head to toe when you are home after work or a walk? That is because he tries to get all the information about where you were and who you met. 

Normally, the main objective of sniffing humans is to collect all the information about us. They can even sense the change in our hormones (if there are any). Doggies are fairies as they can identify whether we are in a good or bad mood and they know how to care for us in such instances. 

If this magical skill of sniffing is trained well, doggies will become capable of identifying critical conditions such as cancers in humans. Their powerful noses identify human scents more than detectors. 

So, do not underestimate the power of sniffing your Frenchie got, though they are ranked low when compared with other dog breeds. 

Why Sniff Other Dogs? 

In short, sniffing other dogs means sniffing their bottoms most of the time. Yes, surprisingly your Frenchie and almost all the other doggies tend to sniff each other’s buts as a habit wherever they meet. 

It is a way of greeting like we are saying hello! We should not get embarrassed when they sniff other dogs though we cannot completely understand why they are engaging in such an act. 

They are used to collect information about the other dog by sniffing what they have eaten, where they have gone, and even what their mood is at the time. Especially, when they sniff another dog’s butt they can get to know whether he/she is in heat or whether they like to be friends. 

So, the same reason why dogs sniff human beings has been applied to the act of your Frenchie sniffing other dogs as well. Do not be embarrassed and you only have to take your Frenchie away if the other dog is rejecting him. 

Why Sniff Almost Everything?

When you take your Frenchie out for a walk, they smell a multi-scented world. So, more often in such instances, any dog from any breed becomes crazy as it can smell thousand times more than human beings. 

You see only your Frenchie is just sniffing light posts, mail posts, some bushes, and walls. But, what they are engaging in is getting information about the other dogs who have passed the area and living in the neighborhood as they have left their scents by peeing at all the above places. 

Sometimes, they tend to roll on these places and especially on others’ feces considering them as perfumes. Yeah I know it’s completely strange and ridiculous. But, that is their way! 

Bad Consequences Of Sniffing French Bulldogs

When it is turned towards the bad consequences of the act of sniffing by your French bulldog, it is important to mention that there can be critical situations. 

Even though they are less in number, the depth of danger is more. 

1 . Prone To Allergies

When your French bulldog starts sniffing unwanted things such as pollen or dirt on the ground which might cause allergies to him, it is dangerous.

You should be very attentive during the walks and whenever your Frenchie is sniffing some suspicious thing. Even though it is true that they are able to identify such allergy causing substances and stop sniffing, it is better to stay attentive.

2 . Food Poisoning

Sniffing can cause food poisoning. The smell of some alcohol and chocolates can be poison for your Frenchie and you will not know until he is displaying symptoms. 

Some rude people can make use of this and intentionally keep treats and sweets which are poisoned. Be on alert!

Apart from these bad consequences of sniffing which affect your Frenchie, sometimes it can be a burden for you as well. 

3. Consume Your Time!

For example, suppose you are taking your Frenchie for a walk and he starts running and sniffing all the places and substances besides the road while you have to go to work. 

Even Though your Frenchie can enjoy a nice walk, you won’t be able to go to work on time. This is the only bad sequence of sniffing of your Frenchie and it is also not for him, but you. 

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Why Do French Bulldogs Sniff While Walking?

French bulldogs sniff while they walk to get to know about the other dogs who have passed the specific area and they can grab all the information about that dog. 

Most of the time, a Frenchie goes sniffing the mail posts and walls beside the road to collect the messages left by other doggies in the area as it is one of the major parts of doggy communication. 

Why Do Bulldogs Sniff So Much Before Peeing?

A dog sniffing a lot before peeing at a certain place is to leave their signature and he is having a thorough idea about who has been peed here before him. 

Simply it is to announce that, ‘I am living here and this is MY territory. Be careful when entering!’. 


The skill of your French Bulldog to sniff almost everything is a gift. Do not ever stop them and prohibit sniffing in public places. You only have to be on alert in instances where your Frenchie is sniffing some other doggy and it annoys him. Suppose, now you know what are the hidden reasons for your French Bulldog to sniff so much and the importance of sniffing. 

So, be patient with their act of sniffing and let them run after all the new scents of the world.

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