Frenchton vs French Bulldog – Exploring Their Traits and Temperament!

frenchton vs french bulldog

Frenchton vs French Bulldog are they similar or do they have any differences? Despite seeming similar, the Frenchton and French Bulldog are completely distinct breeds. In this article, we’ll discuss important distinctions between the Frenchton and the French Bulldog regarding appearance, personality, and fitness. Let’s get rolling!

Are Frenchtons and French Bulldogs Different Breeds?

There is no breed differentiation between French Bulldogs and Frenchtons. A Frenchton is a hybrid breed of dog created by crossing a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog.

A Frenchbo or Faux French Bulldog are alternative names for it. The French Bulldog, usually called a Frenchie, is an acknowledged purebred.

It has a distinctive appearance with bat-like ears, a flat face compact, muscular body. The kind and affectionate temperament of French Bulldogs are well recognized.

A Frenchton, on the other hand, combines the traits of Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs into one hybrid breed. They may exhibit characteristics and qualities from both parent breeds, leading to their appearance and disposition differences.

How Can you Tell a Frenchie from a Frenchton?

With an average height of 15 inches instead of 14.5 inches for the French Bulldog, the Frenchton stands substantially taller.

The French Bulldog weighs an average of 24 pounds compared to the Frenchton’s 20 pounds, albeit significantly smaller.

The Frenchton and Bulldog have short, silky coats that don’t need a lot of upkeep. The French Bulldog, on the other side of the hand, has a closer-textured, smoother coat.

However, the Frenchton tends to shed less. Unlike the Frenchton, the French Bulldog typically has lighter coloring, including brindle, cream, fawn, and white. Brindle, brown, golden, cream, black and white, and black are the potential colors for the Frenchton.

The temperaments of the French Bulldog and the Frenchton are different. French people are energetic, spirited, playful, and independent.

The French Bulldog has a much more laid-back and easygoing personality despite being attentive and active. Both breeds are remarkably simple to teach.

What is the Difference Between a Frenchton and a French Bulldog

What is the Difference Between a Frenchton and a French Bulldog?

 A French Bulldog and a Boston Terrier were crossed to create the hybrid breed known as the Frenchton. On the contrary, a French Bulldog is a purebred canine with an individual breed heritage. Because French Bulldogs are one of the parent breeds of Frenchtons, they share some physical traits. However, due to the genetic impact of the Boston Terrier, Frenchtons could have a slightly distinct appearance. Compared to French Bulldogs, they are normally smaller in size, with a slimmer physique and longer legs.

Key Differences Frenchton French Bulldog
Height 14 – 16 inches 13 – 16 inches
Weight 15 to 25 lbs. 18 to 30 lbs.
Coat type Short, Fine Short, Fine, Smooth
Colors Black, Brown, Golden, Cream Brindle, Cream, Fawn, White
Temperament Energetic, Loyal, Stubborn, Playful Alert, Athletic, Easygoing, Bright

Are There any Differences in Temperament Between Frenchtons and French Bulldogs?

Due to the influence of their parent breeds, French Bulldogs and Frenchtons can have a variety of temperaments. Individual variety does exist within every breed, whether purebred or mixed. Thus, one must remember that not all dogs will strictly adhere to generalizations. French Bulldogs have become famous for their outgoing, loving, and gregarious personalities.

They often get effortlessly along with others, even kids, and often describe themselves as kind and laid back.

Families are important to French Bulldogs; they like spending time with them. Although they occasionally exhibit some stubbornness, they are usually considered adaptive and eager to please.

French Bulldog and Boston Terrier parent breeds can impact the temperament of Frenchtons. Boston Terriers have become famous for their wit, loyalty, and outgoing personalities.

They are frequently characterized as enthusiastic, kind, and great with kids. Boston Terriers are renowned for being easy to train and eager to please.

Given the temperaments of the parent breeds, it’s probable that Frenchtons will display a mix of these traits.

What are the Exercise and Activity Requirements for Frenchtons and French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs and Frenchtons possess a limited amount of energy. They normally need light exercise to maintain their health and avoid gaining weight.

Regular walks, playtime, and cerebral stimulation are crucial for their well-being. Because they are sensitive to high temperatures, French Bulldogs and Frenchtons can exercise indoors.

This might mean engaging in canine enrichment activities like glow-in-the-dark games or treat puzzles, playing with toys, or working on fundamental obedience training.

Participate in engaging play sessions with them to promote mental and physical stimulation. They might love mentally demanding games like fetch, tug of war, or puzzle toys.

Walking your dog daily is good for your French Bulldog and Frenchie. As a result of their brachycephalic face structure, they can easily become overheated; therefore, aim for several shorter walks throughout the day as opposed to one long one. Be cautious about the heat and give yourself lots of water breaks while walking.

Remember that even within the same breed, particular dogs may have different activity needs. Age, health, and general energy levels are a few variables that could impact a person’s individual needs.

It’s critical to pay attention to how your dog behaves and modify his physical activity schedule as necessary.


Are Frenchtons Healthier than Frenchies?

Owners need to keep aware that both French Bulldogs and Frenchtons (a French Bulldog and Boston Terrier hybrid) can be predisposed to various medical conditions because of their brachycephalic structures and genetic makeup. Nevertheless, Individual canine health is susceptible to variation and can be affected by genetics, breeding techniques, and general care.

French Bulldogs frequently develop hip dysplasia, spinal abnormalities, skin allergies, eye diseases, and brachycephalic syndrome.

They may also be heat sensitive and need extra watchfulness in warm weather. As for Frenchies, the health of French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers can impact their well-being. Crossbreeding aims to increase genetic diversity and decrease the danger of breed-specific health problems, but it cannot completely ensure their abolition. It’s vital to remember that either parent breed can pass on adverse health effects to Frenchtons.

Can you Breed a Frenchton with a Frenchie?

A Frenchton and a French Bulldog can be bred. Both breeds can have pups because they are closely related and comparable. However, it’s especially important to take note of the possible repercussions and moral issues such breeding procedures raise.

If a Frenchton and a French Bulldog were to breed, they would have a mixed-breed litter, but respected kennel groups wouldn’t accept the puppies as purebreds. Mixed breeds or “designer dogs” would be the offspring.

It is typically advised to prioritize the health and welfare of the dogs involved in breeding procedures. Responsible breeding should be practiced, considering any prospective hereditary health concerns that may exist in both breeds.

Responsible breeders prioritize genetic testing, health testing, and breeding partner selection to enhance the breed’s general health and standard of living.

What is the Typical Lifespan of a Fenchton and Frenchie? 

A French Bulldog’s and a Frenchie’s lifespan varies depending on genetics, overall well-being, diet, activity, and personalized care. Both breeds have a comparable lifespan range on average.

The average lifespan of a French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years. However, some French Bulldogs can live longer with the right care and attention paid to their health requirements.

Being brachycephalic, French bulldogs are susceptible to many health conditions that may shorten their lifetime, which include respiratory troubles, allergic reactions to skin, and spinal diseases.

The lifespans of their parent breeds, the French Bulldog and the Boston Terriers can impact Frenchtons because they are considered a mixed breed. A Frenchton’s lifespan can vary between 10 to 12 years, which is common for its parent breeds.

To maximize their potential longevity and general well-being, French Bulldogs and French Bulletins must receive the correct veterinarian treatment, a balanced diet, frequent exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

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