How To Pick Up A Bulldog Properly? (Complete Guide)

How To Pick Up A Bulldog

Bulldogs are adorable dog breeds who love being picked up and cuddled. Since they are too bulky and a little heavy, you might be searching for a proper way to pick your Bully up. 

Properly picking your bulldog makes you both comfortable and would not cause any harm or injuries, especially to your Bully. They love to explore the world while being in your arms and there’s no awkwardness in picking up your Bully. 

We’ll look into more facts such as how to pick your bulldog up step by step and the situations in which he does not like being picked up. 

What Is The Proper Way To Pick A Bulldog Up?

If someone asked, is there a proper way to pick up a bulldog, the answer is YES. But on one hand, despite the method you use to pick your bully up, he should be comfortable on top of all. 

Bulldogs usually crave your attention and therefore we can assume that they do not show any dislike in picking them up. But, you should be very careful in the procedure. 

By following the below-mentioned instructions, you will be able to pick your bully up without making him uncomfortable. 

Step 1: Use A Verbal Cue

Now, this is a big fact. You should understand the role of verbal cues when it is related to your Bully. They are significant indicators that are grabbed easily by your bulldog and then they understand that something is going to happen.

So, when you are picking your bully up, first start with a verbal cue. Give them a hint about what is going to happen. 

Always try to use simple verbal cues such as ‘lift’ or ‘up’ which are easy to understand. Then your Bully will know that he is going to be picked up by you which is one of the most favorite actions. 

Step 2: Place Your Stronger Hand Under His Front Paws

When you are done with the verbal cue step, secondly place your dominant or the stronger hand under your Bully’s front paws. Make sure your hand is on his chest. 

In this way, your Bully’s neck won’t get unnecessary weight and it is quite supportive to his neck when picking him up. 

You should be very careful since generally, a bulldog is considerably heavier than other breeds. 

Step 3: Use Your Other Hand On His Back

Then, thirdly take your other hand and wrap it around your Bully’s back to support to lift his legs. 

This is so similar to holding a baby and making sure you follow all these 3 steps before picking him up. 

Step 4: Gently Lift Him

After completing all the above steps and your Bulldog is safely held to be picked up, lift him gently without making any uncomfortable movements. 

Then cradle them tightly like you are holding a baby and make sure your Bully is safe and sound without any incorrect postures which might cause damage to their neck and back. 

The above steps can be followed if you are picking up a normal and medium size bulldog. But there are minute changes when you are picking up a Bulldog puppy. 

Place your both hands on the puppy’s chest and behind his front legs and lift slowly towards your chest. Then cradle him gently. If by any chance your bulldog pup is hesitating to be picked up, hold him from the scruff of his neck. But, make sure to follow this method only at the most essential times and when your pup is a bit aggressive. 

If your bulldog is very heavy, you can ask for someone’s help as your Bully should not be harmed when you try to pick him up. First, hold him from the front underneath his neck or chest and then ask the other person to lift him by the legs. 

Do not hold your heavy Bully for a longer period as it can put pressure on his back and remember to pick up a heavy bulldog only when needed.

Most importantly, if your Bulldog is pregnant do not try to pick her up or lift her. But, in the most needed times, you can place one of your hands on her hind legs and the other on the chest and then slowly lift. 

Do not put any pressure on her belly. 

Picking up an older bulldog should also be done with more care. You can follow the picking-up steps of a normal or medium size Bully. But make sure you are more careful with his back. 

What Is The Correct Way To Hold A Bulldog In Your Arms? 

Once you pick your bully up you need to keep him comfortable in your arms. 

So, simply you can just cradle him while standing or keep him on your lap after sitting somewhere. Be attentive when you are changing your positions and be more gentle with their gestures. 

Remember to keep him tight to your chest while providing the needed space to breathe. 

What You Should Not Do When Picking Up A Bulldog?

When you are picking up a bulldog, there are some ‘don’ts’ that you should be considerate about. We’ll look into some common mistakes and ‘don’ts’ you are engaging in picking your bully up. 

1 . Do Not Pick Him By The Collar

Bulldogs are usually sensitive when it is related to areas such as necks and backs. So, do not ever lift or pick him up by the collar as it may cause severe damage to his neck. 

It can stop the air supply of your Bully and can make him strangle. This is one of the crucial damages you can cause to his trachea and you should avoid doing this dangerous mistake. 

2 . Do Not Pick Him By The Tail

How rude is it? Picking your adorable Bully from his tail? This is one of the most common incidents when you have kids around. Do not ever let your child pick your Bully by his tail and do not enjoy such misbehaviors of your child.

It can lead to muscle pains and even damage the nerves while dislocating them. Be on alert always! 

3 . Not From Scruffs

Now, this may seem like one of the most common ways to pick up a puppy and take him from one place to another. But, have you ever thought about how painful it is to them? 

But, there are instances where you are out of options and in such instances, it can be admitted. When your pup is aggressive and out of your control while trying to take a bite from your hand as well, you can lift him from scruffs. 

Do not use this method with adult Bulldogs and always with Bulldog pups. 

4 . Not From Legs Or Paws

Do not pick your bully up from one of his legs or paws. It may cause dislocation and muscle problems which can be unbearably painful for your Bully ball. 

Remember that it has a great probability to drop him to the ground if you pick him up only by his legs or paws. 

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What Are The Situations When A Bulldog Is Not Picking?

Well, there are some situations where your Bully is not showing much interest in picking him up. 

Usually, they show greater dislike in picking him up when he is;

  •   Not in a mood
  •   Struggling with stomach aches
  •   In anxious conditions
  •   Aggressive
  •   Pregnant
  •   Having bone fractures 
  •   Muscle pains

If your bully is suffering from one of the above conditions, he is not much into picking him up and he might require something else.

So, in such conditions do not force him and let him rest or attend to some other need of him. You might be causing a new pain or increasing his present painful condition by trying to pick him up. Show your love in some other ways and do not let your bully feel that he is alone on such bad days.

Final Thoughts

Picking up your bully friend and holding him is easy for you both if you follow the correct method. Most importantly, ensure that you are not harming your bully by cradling him so tight and leaving some space for breathing purposes. 

By now, you know how to pick up and hold even a preggy bulldog and be gentle with them. Do not forget to be super patient when you switch holding positions and once you both are comfortable move on with pouring the love and attention your bully is craving.

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