Do French Bulldogs Have Whiskers? Here’s The Truth!

Do French Bulldogs Have Whiskers

Bothered or feeling null about your Frenchie’s whiskers? Or you do not have any idea about what whiskers are? Then, no worries, I’ll share everything I found about Frenchie’s whiskers. 

Do French bulldogs have whiskers? Yes, like the other dogs Frenchies also have whiskers that are somewhat long. Whiskers play a major role in Frenchie’s day-to-today life while aiding them to navigate every nook and corner of the world. 

Let’s dig in some more and continue reading to know why bulldogs have whiskers and whether it is okay to trim them. 

What Are French Bulldog Whiskers?

Once I noticed my Frenchie is growing whiskers a bit faster and it made me do research about the whiskers of French bulldogs. Then the first question which came to my mind was, what are these whiskers?

When the topic motivated me to find out more about the whiskers of my Frenchie, the thought of sharing them with you will be a hand. So keep on reading. 

French bulldogs’ whiskers are a set of coarse hair that naturally grows around their muzzle, near the eyes, and on the jaw area. Though they seem like miniature features, they are embedded deeply and the base of this set of whiskers is contained with a pack of nerves that directly send messages to your Frenchie’s brain. 

I didn’t realize the importance of these whiskers until I found that they are very sensitive like our fingertips. So, I hope the same happens to you. Do you know that whiskers are not like other furs of your Frenchie? I know you do not have to worry much about your Frenchie’s hair since they are very short and easy to groom. But, when it is about whiskers, you should care a lot. 

Why Do French Bulldogs Have Whiskers?

As to the information I have already found about the whiskers of Frenchies, they are super sensitive and directly connected to the brain. 

So, in short, French bulldogs have whiskers to aid them in exploring and identifying the world which means their surroundings. The fact that whiskers help Frenchies to identify even a slight air movement surprised me. 

The magic done by whiskers in sending sensory information to the brain of your Frenchie is on another level and when I got to know this fact I noticed how those tiny hairs play their part in the process. They are just staying frozen without a single movement. But, the message is passed to the brain within milliseconds. 

Further, the whiskers of French bulldogs help them determine the size, shape, and speed of objects even in the dark. As with most dogs, Frenchies are also a bit poor in eyesight. In such instances, whiskers are important to them. 

Have you ever thought about how your Frenchie is protecting his eyes when walking through bushes and all? Yes, you are getting the point. 

Whiskers around the eyes of your Frenchie are protecting them from harmful accidents. When they are walking, the whiskers are touching the substances in front of them before the eyes. So, when whiskers touch anything generally it causes the Frenchie to blink. 

As a result, your Frenchie’s eyes are protected from being poked by twigs and branches. 

Reasons Why French Bulldogs Have So Many Whiskers

As a Frenchie parent, you might be wondering why your buddy got so many whiskers on his muzzle and around the eyes, and on the jaw. It is highly noticeable too. The same question haunts me as well. 

So, here are some major reasons that I have found about Frenchies having so many whiskers. 

1 . To Identify The Surrounding

As I mentioned earlier as well, French bulldogs can notice even a single air vibration near them through their whiskers. This is a common advantage all dog breeds have from whiskers. 

Whiskers are the first helpers that signal a Frenchie about prey or any other objects that can harm him. He can even identify the shape and the size of that particular object. 

Let me tell you a nice story. My Frenchie can identify that I got his leash or his favorite toy even at an invisible distance. He senses it and it is because of his whiskers. You might also have such experiences. 

The decision after sensing the thing that is going to happen, he reacts accordingly. Sometimes running away or perhaps coming to you. 

2 . To Focus On Small Objects

Frenchies have a bit of difficulty in seeing small objects much like the other dogs. It is difficult for them to focus on such objects. 

This is more common when the object is so close to them and under their big snout. So, whiskers do their job in such instances and since French bulldogs are born with a somewhat large snout with wrinkles, whiskers are great support for them. 

3 . For The Night Vision

When your Frenchie is in the dark, whiskers help them to detect the surroundings. So, the whiskers of French bulldogs come in very handy at night time and guide them correctly without letting them have accidents. 

4 . To Confirm The Space

Whiskers are very important for French bulldogs when confirming the path ahead is clear and there’s enough space to go through. It is mostly used when your Frenchie has to pass through a small space. 

5 . To Protect The Face And Eyes

Frenchies’ whiskers guide them correctly without causing any harm to the face or eyes when walking through an unsafe area. When they are walking close to some objects which can collide, the whiskers warn them not to. 

In that manner, your Frenchie’s eyes and face are protected. 

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Can You Cut French Bulldog Whiskers?

It is recommended not to cut the whiskers off your French bulldogs since they are of utmost importance. As of now, you know the role of whiskers in identifying almost everything and if you tend to cut your Frenchie’s whiskers you are stopping the neurotic stimulation which passes to their brain. 

As a result, your Frenchie might not identify any danger in front of him and will feel so helpless during the night times. 

Do You Trim French Bulldog Whiskers?

Trimming your Frenchie’s whiskers might not cause them big harm. Usually, as Frenchies are categorized as show dogs, their whiskers are often trimmed. Make sure to trim the whiskers at the vet’s recommendation. 

Remember that, trimming the whiskers of your Frenchie can lead to lower sensory abilities which end in confusion and helplessness. 

But, if you do not want to trim or there’s no any Medical condition, just let them be and in that way, your Frenchies also will stay happy while putting their nose in every gossip! 

Love your Frenchie ball in the way he is. 

What Happens If You Cut A French Bulldog’s Whiskers?

Once you cut and remove the whiskers off your Frenchie, he might face several bad situations which are not good for his mental stimulation as well.

  •   Sensory stimulation will collapse
  •   No night vision
  •   Cannot identify the object at a distance
  •   Much prone to danger
  •   Eyes are not protected
  •   Face can be harmed
  •   Cannot focus on small objects

Can you imagine how helpless your Frenchie becomes if you cut his whiskers? So, be thoughtful! 

So as a whole, I can provide you with a middle-ground answer to the above two questions. 

Unless your Frenchie’s whiskers have grown in an awkward way which has popped out as a disturbance to him or unless your vet recommends you trim the whiskers due to a medical condition, DO NOT TRIM. Be on alert whether the whiskers are irritating your Frenchie. 

Do French Bulldog Whiskers Grow Back If Cut?

Whiskers of French bulldogs tend to grow back if they have fallen naturally. By now, you might have noticed that your Frenchie is losing some whiskers. It is quite natural. 

But, if you cut them out or remove them from the base, there’s a more tendency not to grow back. 


The whiskers of your Frenchie are tiny hairs. But did you ever think that their role is of such importance? 

I suppose I shared a lot more with you and by now you know how valuable the whiskers of your Frenchie are. As a Frenchie parent, you should stay alert even on such little things. Take care of your Frenchie pal till we meet again!

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