Why Do English Bulldogs Die Suddenly? Things To Know!

The sudden death coming within the shortest time is an issue you may have to face as an English Bulldog owner. I know how heartbreaking it is and you don’t even want to think about it even for a minute. But, you should be aware of this major problem with English bullies and let me share what I have found. 

Why do English bulldogs die suddenly? The most common reason for the sudden deaths of English Bulldogs is the infection of the eyes and the ears. There are several other reasons such as heart diseases, parasites, Gastric dilatation-volvulus, heartworms, food poisoning, and Brain disorder and spinal disorders.

In this article, you will learn the signs you would see when they are near death, reasons for sudden deaths , and how to avoid risk factors and extend their life expectancy. 

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If you wonder why your English bulldog may die suddenly, the following causes will help.

1 . Heartworm

We identified several English bulldogs who died because of heartworms. Since the respiratory system of the English Bulldogs is weak, they can tolerate the mosquito-borne parasite in it. 

2 . Poisoning

English bulldogs are almost children as they can’t face toxic substances. The ability to bear the position is nearly zero, and poisoned deaths are shared among the English Bulldogs. Not only the most common ways, such as through food and water, but the snakes may cause them.

Norte: bacon, avocado, Macadamia Nuts, and raw bread dough are not recommended for English bulldogs as they can be dangerous to your pet. 

3 . Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus

English bulldogs are famous for eating, and they sometimes eat over the limit, which causes gastric dilatation-volvulus. The gastric dilatation-volvulus is a reason for the death of English bulldogs. The condition may turn into death quickly.

4 . Heart Disease

English bulldogs are born with a curse known as Dilated cardiomyopathy. We observed more than 205 deaths had been caused by Dilated cardiomyopathy. Also, it is a genetic matter you can’t avoid easily. 

5 . Accidents

As we could identify, English bulldogs are the most common dog breeds that are to accidents. Since they can properly manage their movement, the possibility of causing accidents is high. Most of the English bulldogs’ physical injuries had fallen from upper places. 

6 . Infections

English bulldogs are easily susceptible to eye and ear infections. The resistance they may have for such conditions is almost zero as they are bred pets.

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How Do You Know When Your English Bulldog Is Dying?

Here are some signs you can identify when your English Bulldog is near death.

1 . Lack Of Appetite

The appetite is not a common thing for an English bulldog. If we are talking about a well-trained bulldog, then it seats what you give. If your English bulldog refuses to eat, it has something to do with its health. Although the lack of appetite is something available for a dog that can quickly be recovered, English bulldogs would not heal easily.

2 . Your Dog Indicates Signs Of Pain

A dog may feel discomfort when they are near death. Unlike most creatures, dogs can enjoy life even without the luxury features. Although it has the floor only to sleep on, that will be enough. That is common for English bulldogs. If they indicate something related to discomfort, it is directed toward their health condition, which means they are near death.

3 . Vomiting

Vomiting is a common incident for a dog but not for an English bulldog. In 44% of cases, we found an English Bulldog vomiting, and we saw them reach death. The reason is simple: English bulldogs vomit when they have cancer, or they are old.

4 . Eye Turning Dull

If an English Bulldog is reaching death, then its eyes may also indicate that. Their eyes may be dull and look painful on such occasions.

5 . Mental Instability

As an English bulldog owner, you must know how playful they are and what they would do with their funny hearts. If they are near death, then you will see none. More importantly, they will consider others unknown and try to avoid them. This is common for the favorite person of the English Bulldogs. 

6 . Weight Loss

Eh, sudden weight loss is a sign that may indicate the near-death condition of an English bulldog. If it is a male, you may experience a weight loss of 5kg, which can be 4kg if it is a female English bulldog.

What Is The Common Cause Of Death In English Bulldogs?

The most common reason why English bulldogs suffer and die is the infections in their ear and eyes. In 55% of the cases, English bulldogs would die due to eye and ear infections. Since they are bred without proper understanding, they are not resistant to some pathogens and microbes.

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5 Tips To Protect My English Bulldog From Sudden Death


Here are some valuable tips for you to prevent the sudden death of your English bulldog.

1 . Take Your English Bulldog To A Veterinary Sergeant Regally

You know that your English bulldog is always in a risky condition. If you take your English Bulldog to a vet at least once in three months, you will be able to minimize the sudden deaths that may occur.

2 . Keep Your Eye On Your English Bulldog Constantly

If you keep an eye on an English bulldog, you will be able to avoid several sudden death scenarios. Its body and movements, urine, poop, and breath must be on your checklist.

3 . Keep Your Safety For Your Pet

An English Bulldog is a kid that never develops their attitude. Therefore, the risk of causing accidents to itself never stops. If you prevent the ways of causing accidents, your English Bulldog will last longer. Dances, resting areas, training, and similar may improve the conditions in your English Bulldog’s favor. 

4 . Careful With What It Consumes

If you take extra measures to provide security for your dog through what it consumes, you will be able to avoid toxicities that may cause death to it. Providing bottled or clean water, healthy food, and fresh air breathes at least once a day will be better for your dog.

5 . Consider Good Weather Conditions

The weather is one of the most troubling factors for your dog when it is not in its favor. You must keep it off the outside when the temperature is high. Also, when there are cold conditions that will not be trouble for your dog. But, you must avoid mosquitos that may deliver heartworms into English Bulldogs’ bloodstreams.

Final Thoughts

We hope now you may have an understanding of the English Bulldogs’ exposure to sudden deaths. You now know how they may come, why the death happens unexpectedly, and what you may do. If you have unsolved issues, please contact us.

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