Why Is My Bulldog Suddenly Aggressive? (Explained!)

Why Is My Bulldog Suddenly Aggressive

Bull baiting dogs-Bulldogs! The name itself suggests the answer to the question: Why is my bulldog suddenly aggressive? But have you ever thought what are the exact reasons for your bully to get aggressive? 

A bulldog becomes suddenly aggressive when they are in pain, threatened or when attempting to exhibit dominance and the situation gets worse when they are not carefully bred and socialized. They can be aggressive towards other dogs and humans as well. On one hand, the aggressive behavior of a bulldog depends on the purpose they are raised.  

Let’s look at the reasons for a Bully to become aggressive and how you can control it. 

Do Bulldogs Behave Aggressive With Other Dogs? 

Usually, bulldogs are good with other dogs around and under some specific circumstances, it can be changed. They are known for being one of the calm breeds and you can have another dog while owning a bulldog. 

Even though it is a general situation, some bulldogs can become aggressive with other dogs of the same sex. Thus, the data suggests that it is the way you raise your bully. 

Bulldogs indeed are one of the placid breeds and they do not like to get bothered with fights. But, when some other dog is loitering in an area that your bulldog is considering that it is his territory, he can be aggressive towards the other dog. 

But, if you expose your bulldog to proper socialization from his early puppyhood things can be different and he might not get easily aggressive with another dog or human. 

What Are The Reasons For A Bulldog To Become Suddenly Aggressive?

Now, we have reached the crucial phase of the issue. Identifying the cause of any problem is of utmost importance. It shares equal circumstances with the bulldog regarding problems as well. 

As you may know by now, your bulldog has the probability to become aggressive if you suddenly identify the reasons for him to behave in such an aggressive manner. 

There are several potential reasons for sudden aggression in your bully. 

1 . Fear

In every situation, your bulldog feels danger or cannot escape thoughts he is driven by fear. So, a fearful or frightened bully has the most tendency of becoming aggressive. It is common with all dog breeds as well.

A bulldog becomes aggressive when they are feared because he thinks that the best way to defend himself is to get aggressive. 

If your bulldog is a rescue doggy things might be much worse. Rescue bulldogs might have been abused, neglected, traumatized, or not properly socialized. In such situations, you should be very attentive and careful with this sudden aggressive behavior of your Bully. Still you can help your scared bulldog to overcome fear

2 . An Illness

A medical condition such as any illness can make your bulldog suddenly aggressive. It is highly noticeable. If your bulldog has not displayed such aggressive behavior before and when he starts to bark or growl when you try touching or petting him, it is because of an illness. 

With the pain generated as the result of the illness, your bully might become more aggressive and it is the only known way for them to show that they are in pain. 

In such conditions, it is important to understand that he is not aggressive towards us with a cold heart but, he is dived in unbearable pain. The illness can be much worse if it is arthritis, internal injuries, fractures, or tumors. 

Do not get this easy as these illnesses can be related to brain dysfunctions as well. 

3. Frustration

The sudden aggression which emerges as a result of frustration is known as redirected aggression which occurs when your bully is not being able or permitted to get something and take its frustration in some other way. 

The situation can be much worse if your bully is tied up for a long time or on a leash. 

Suppose, you have tied up your bully from the morning and he is showing super nasty and aggressive behavior as he badly wants to join his gang on the road. Then you appear in front of him and he might take out his frustration from biting you. 

So do not ever misinterpret your bully’s sudden aggression. 

4 . When Domineering

Bulldogs are not domineering by their nature or it is not a personality trait. When they see another dog inside their territory or on the road they might display behavior of sudden aggression. 

In such conditions, your bully might feel that he should prove that he is in charge of the situation. 

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What Are Signs That Your Bulldog Is Acting Aggressively?

Once your bulldog is acting aggressively it can be easily noted. Most of the time aggression is displayed through body language. 

If your bully is exhibiting the following signs you can conclude that he has become aggressive for a reason which is fair enough or not. 

  • Barking
  • Growling
  • Hard stare
  • Lunging
  • Biting
  • Snapping
  • Flattening the ears tight to the head
  • Freezing
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Licking the lips
  • Yawning
  • Tucking the tail under the body

You must remember that aggressive behavior is a normal and common form of communication within any dog breed including bulldogs as well. But, displaying such sudden aggression might cause problems if the aggression is aimed toward a stranger on the road or another doggy in a public place. 

So, once you identify that your bully has become aggressive through the above signs, the best solution is to calm him down and take his control into your hand. 

From the next phase, you will learn how. 

How To Control My Bulldog When He Is Aggressive?

First and foremost brush away the thought of aggression as complex and cannot be controlled as it is the way with the bulldogs. Indeed, you won’t be able to control or stop the aggression of your bully. But, if you follow the correct approach you will be able to fix the issue. 

And also you will have to have a lot of patience in this job. Now, if you nip the issue in the bud before growing it up to a critical condition, you will have a well-behaved bully. 

Proper puppy training with the following tips and tricks will solve the problem of your bully showing aggression. 

1 . Discourage The Dominant Behaviors

Try your best to neglect or discourage the dominant behavior of your bully. In some instances such as your bulldog pup biting your hand or fingers do not hesitate to say ‘Ouch!’ And to take your hand away while you stop playing with him. 

Then he will learn that it is not good behavior and he is hurting his owner. Eventually, he will practice how to stay calm and behave well in front of any stranger without being aggressive. 

2 . Socialize Well

Make your bulldog more sociable from his puppyhood which will be a great help for you in the future. A well-socialized bully never displays aggressive behaviors and they know how to control themselves.

3 . Say ‘NO’!

Do not hesitate to say ‘NO’ in instances where your bully is crossing the limits. Be stern with him and let him feel that you are the owner and he should be controlled by your commands. 

But, do not over-control your bully at any time. 

4 . Do Not Punish

It is important to not go for the punishments when your bulldog is acting aggressively. The best way to calm him down is with patience. Do not scold him in the public and harm his reputation or lower his self-confidence.

5 . Be Patient

Always try your best to be patient and control the aggression of your bully with logical and effective tips and tricks. 

Nothing will change if you start scolding him or punishing him. So, on top of all, be patient. 

How To Make Your Bulldog Less Aggressive?

If you are nipping your bully’s aggression in the bud, it is the better solution for the issue rather than trying to control him when the aggressive behavior reaches its extreme. 

Well, then how can you get your bully to be less aggressive? 

1 . Positive Reinforcement Training

Training your bully pup with positive reinforcement exercises is one of the most effective ways to get him to be less aggressive. This will not happen within a single night. But keep on training him and you will notice a change. 

2 . Toys

Do not forget to buy your bully’s favorite toys of high quality which can be productive in reducing his aggression.

Give him his favorite toy when starts to display aggressive behaviors and he will eventually become calm since his attention is driven somewhere else. 

3 . Be His Leader

Always be your bulldog’s leader and make him follow your instructions instead of him controlling you without your knowledge.

Introduce his rules and boundaries while letting him know his ‘place’ and eventually he will learn to what extent his aggression should b e displayed. 

Final Thoughts

Do not forget that becoming aggressive is an instinct with bulldogs which should not let them cross the boundaries. By now, suppose you know why your bully becomes suddenly aggressive and how you can control him. 

Keep him calm and cool without being so rude to him. A happy bully, a happy you!

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