Why Is My French Bulldog So Annoying? (Explained)

Why Is My French Bulldog So Annoying

The annoying nature of a French bulldog might be sweet at one time and beasty at another time. Why are they so annoying is an obvious question that comes to your mind.

A French bulldog is annoying when he tries to communicate his needs through undesirable behaviors such as constant barking, biting furniture, jumping on you, running after you, and making unbearable harsh noises. The most related reasons for a Frenchie to behave so annoying can be listed as lack of exercise, hunger, poor mental stimulation, and anxious conditions.

Now you wonder whether it is a common behavior and how you can control it. We’re ready to help. Start reading! 

What Are The Reasons For Your French Bulldog To Become Annoying?

Probably you did not think that a Frenchie could be an over annoying doggo. But it is not an inherited behavior. Let me be clear with this statement. 

Most of the time French bulldogs are not intentionally annoying their owner. They are bred to be more friendly with human companions and as a result, being more clingy is of their nature. 

But, during the instances where this clinginess turns to be an annoyance things can be changed and as you are the closest human companion of your Frenchie, you will have to face more challenges. Therefore, you need to stop him from being so annoying in a way that causes distress within you. 

Well, in this mission first you have to identify clearly what are the exact reasons for your Frenchie to behave so annoyingly. Let’s dig into the details. 

1 . Lack of Enough Exercises

Bulldogs are an energetic breed when compared with the rest of the breeds. Therefore, they need more exercise and activities to release their energy. 

But, comparatively a Frenchie requires a small time of exercise and activities such as completing a daily exercise routine. When they are losing that specific routine or minimal physical activity, they might start annoying you in a way you are unable to bear. 

2 . ‘I Am Hungry!’

Hunger is one of the fairest enough reasons for your Frenchie to behave annoyingly. It is common with all the other dog breeds as well. 

If your Frenchie yawns in the morning like a wolf or is rotating around you with a wagging tail and playing some awkward opera noises, he is hungry and you should take immediate action before he goes crazy like a little beast. 

3 . An Environmental/ Routine Change

A recent environment change or a change in your Frenchie’s routine can be a reason for him to be so annoying as it can create an anxious mindset in him. 

Frenchies are more sensitive to environmental factors. When you change your home and the area you live in, they can feel it more than anyone else. 

4 . An Anxious Condition

If your Frenchie is spending too much time alone, he is more prone to have anxious conditions as Frenchies are born to stay sociable with people. 

When you are out of home for the whole day and your Frenchie ball is all alone and bored, separation anxiety can hit him hard. In such situations, he can behave so annoying once you are home and at one stage he will stop reacting at all. 

It is the most dangerous phase of your Frenchie striking with separation anxiety or any anxious condition. 

5 . A Physical Injury

When your Frenchie is not feeling well or has been injured he tends to communicate it to you being so annoying. You know how your Frenchie becomes a drama queen even when she is a little injured. 

In such instances, he can behave so annoyingly to you because he might need to spend quality time with you. 

Probably he might be in pain and it can also be a result of an underlying health issue. Better to stay on alert!

Well, it is of utmost importance to identify the reason why your Frenchie friend behaves so annoying, and then only you will be able to continue the mission of making your Frenchie less annoying. 

What Are The Signs of Annoyance Your French Bulldog Shows?

French bulldogs are considered drama queens and kings. So they are capable of showing that they have started acting beasty while being so annoying in many ways.

Check whether below mentioned signs are depicted through your Frenchie as well and no any other assumptions, he has become the most annoying creature than your sibling even. 

  • Continuously barking
  • House soiling
  • Humping
  • Chewing furniture and almost everything around him
  • Jumping on you
  • Mouthing
  • Digging the garden
  • Running after cars
  • Chasing people
  • Making awkward ‘wolf’ noises
  • Do not obey the commands
  • Become aggressive
  • Pulling the leash

Do not worry as all the above behaviors are temporary and can be controlled if you follow the following methods of stopping your Frenchie from being so annoying like a Tsunami. 

How To Stop Your French Bulldog From Being So Annoying?

If there’s a question, an answer is following it. So, not to worry if your little beast is used to displaying such nasty behaviors when he is annoying, you can try the following tips and tricks to make him stop. 

At once within a single day, you will not see any miraculous result of your Frenchie being less annoying. But, eventually, he will learn to control his annoying behavior. 

These are not rocket science but, your full-time engagement is much needed 100%. 

1 . Neglect Annoying Behaviors

Frenchies are smart in making cute faces no matter how annoying he is to you. I know, it is difficult to neglect such cunning behaviors, but if you do not, he will not learn that he should be calm. 

If he is used to making unbearable opera noises and excessive barking while you are engaging in more important work, just do not give attention to him. 

Simply give him the bowl of food and do not even look at him until he gets calm. Do this to all other annoying behaviors of him and remember not to give a single glance or few words in such situations. 

2 . Train New Behaviors

Since your mission is to stop the annoying behaviors of your Frenchie, it’s better if you can teach him some new behaviors which are calm and obedient. 

Your Frenchie is displaying such nasty and annoying behavior as he wants to tell you something which he needs. Instead of choosing such an annoying way, you can train him to follow some calm and decent methods. 

You can replace his annoying behaviors as follows.

  • When he is barking to go outside you can train him to ring a bell or go and sit near the door. 
  • When your Frenchie is begging for morning breakfast like he has not eaten for days, you can simply train him with the basic command ‘sit’ near his food bowl. 

Training your Frenchie with novel commands which are so compatible with today’s life is advantageous to you as well. So keep training your Frenchie. 

3 . Give Enough Exercises

If your Frenchie behaves so annoying due to a lack of enough exercise, better to take him for workouts. You can even take him out for a walk or a playing session at a park. 

Either way, what you need to do is keep him more engaged in energy release. Normally, a Frenchie requires a daily exercise session limited to 15 mins and during that specific time make sure that he is active up to the needed level. 

Apart from the above tips and tricks, you can simply assign your Frenchie a job at home. You can train him to bring the newspaper, close the open doors, take out groceries from the vehicle, put his toys in the basket, etc. 

No any not of surprise, a Frenchie can be well trained to do such jobs at home and you will realize how easy it is for you as well. 

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Things To Be Aware

  • DO NOT shout at your Frenchie if he is annoying and be more patient when training him to stay calm.
  • When you are neglecting him, be careful not to harm his feelings and let him understand it is temporary till he stops being annoying.
  • Be more gentle with his training session and make sure not to raise your hand on him or scold him in a bad way for not being obedient. 
  • Give him time. 


A Frenchie being so annoying is a problematic situation. But, if you train him with new behaviors and stop him from being so annoying, trust me you will have the best dog breed in the world.

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