Are French Bulldogs Easy To Take Care Of? (For Beginners)

Are French Bulldogs Easy To Take Care Of

Adopting a french bulldog may be one of your dreams as a kid, adult, or anyone of any age. Although paying a high price is something you can afford, there are more things you have to mind when it comes to caring. Simply, money won’t work with your Frenchies but the care in tons.

Are french bulldogs easy to take care of? The answer is simply a Yes. They are easy to take care of. The lack of grooming, working with kids, having sensitive behaviors, the ability to adapt as non-canine pets, fit anywhere indoors or outdoors, being cute and funny simultaneously, and there will be a lot more.

This article will explain whether it is hard to take care of French dogs or not, along with some guidance.

What Makes French Bulldogs Easy To Take Care Of?

If you are trying to make up your mind to adopt a Frenchie bulldog, these causes will make up your mind regarding Frenchie Bulldog’s ease of care.

1 . They Require Small Exercises.

Being one of the most miniature pet dog breeds, Frenchies don’t require much exercise. If you are an indoor person who wants to spend time with your Frenchie all day, then they will be something you admire. 

We have been testing Frenchie’s exercise requirement and found that it will be enough for you to walk them just twice a day. Also, you don’t have to take Frenchies around the park, but walk them around your home.  

If you have a miniature French bulldog, you will have to burn 400-480 calories daily, while a larger French Bulldog must burn over 800 calories daily.

Note: French bulldogs are exciting creatures who run all day long. If your French Bulldog is as excited as running for one hour around the house, you don’t have to provide excessive for it.

2 . They Can Tolerate Harsh Conditions

Having too much cold, warm environment, lack of food for a couple of hours, spending time without you for a few hours, and staying with someone your friend doesn’t know is not challenging for your French Bulldog. Indeed, it can withstand challenging conditions

Not only that, they will not change their attitude most of the time. We met Sam Bernard, who travels with his French Bulldog pal “Jermaa.”

“My Frenchie is never reducing its dynamic behavior, although we are in the middle of the desert. Jeremy is easy to take care of even if you are a traveler who travels more than 500 miles per day sometimes,” said Sam.

3 . Frenchies Are Doing Great With Kids

We can assure you that there has not been any single complaint or a case regarding a Frenchie bulldog that has poorly behaved with Frenchies. The only thing we got as a compliment was kids not interested in school work rather than petting their French Bulldogs.

Also, we saw that French Bulldogs are better for children as their first pets. In most cases, children had found the true meaning of bonding while keeping French Bulldogs. Frenchies demand their owners to be by their side, which is what children do all the time.

4 . The Second Name For Best Friend Is French Bulldog

The most valuable french Bulldog has your association. Trust us, there will not be a single thing in its life more than you. Frenchies love your association, and they will do anything to get that. Even in the harshest times, you are going through, Frenchie will be running by your side.

The unconditional love they give you will be something unique you can’t avoid. Among the dogs you have to sell your hours from each day, French Bulldogs will be the easiest to take care of.

5 . They Don’t Need Grooming

If you are familiar with the Grooming dog breeds such as Corgis, you will admire French bulldogs all day. Frenchies don’t require grooming, and we saw that they are particularly groomers. In temperate months we observed them shedding a lot. But it was not as much as a regular shedding dog does.

The corgis are the best examples of shedders. We had to clean all day using a robot sweeper, and we had to clean the fur-collecting chamber to clean every day for each corgi.

If you want to stay one day without sweeping your floor, then a Frenchie Bulldog will be a better option.

6 . They Are Not Pro-Non-Canine Pets, But They May Quickly Adapt

French Bulldogs are good home pets and have the fantastic quality to adjust to non-canine pets. The only problem you get is Frenchies get much friendlier than any other dog breed. You don’t have to think about the care they need as they know adjusting themselves when there are others around.

They will keep baring at the other pets at home, and you will barely have a moment to enjoy the quietness. Although other pets, such as cats, may refuse the association, they will be good friends in the end.

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What Makes French Bulldogs Hard To Take Care Of

However, everything that has positives has negatives. That is relevant to Frenchie bulldogs. Just like you got happy to see what makes french bulldogs easy to take care of, you must read What makes french bulldogs hard to Take care of.

1 . They Have More Joint Issues

The body weight and volume ratios are not well-set for Frenchies. Therefore, they may face several disease conditions related to joints. Also, arthritis, allergies, and discrimination conditions are also highly infected for these breeds.

2 . They May Find It Hard To Stay Without You

If Anxiety is a desire for a specific dog breed, that will be named after Frenchies. If you are a busy person who can’t allocate even 01 hours per day, then you must not afford a French Bulldog. Frequent urinating, barking and howling, pacing, digging, and trying to escape actions will make it tired furthermore.

3 . You May Have To Take Your Frenchie For Checkups

We recommend you take your French Bulldog for a checkup once in 06 months when it comes to other dogs that will be more frequent. Once in two years. As you see, you will find this quality is what makes french bulldogs hard to Take care of. 

4 . They Have Accessories That Are Highly Expensive

Unlike any dog breed, Frenchies are adorable for accessories. Not only various dresses in various colors but chains, sunglasses, clothes, and many accessories are for them. You will have to bear such hidden expenses in the name of taking care of your pet.

5 . They Need To Be Cleaned

French bulldogs can’t fold and clean themselves. You will have to clean them at least 04 times a day. If you’re not prepared for this, then you will see it as a burden on you.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A French Bulldog

We would like to focus your attention on these simple questions before taking a French bulldog regarding care. You must be able to say yes at least 8 out of 10.

  1. Can I spend 08 hours per week on my franchise?
  2. Can I bear when a French Bulldog jumps on to my lap ten times per day?
  3. Can I take my French Bulldog to VS twice per year?
  4. Can I expend three forth the cost I expended to purchase my Frenchie annually?
  5. Can I tolerate when my French bulldog ignores me?
  6. Can I clean my Frenchies 04 times per day using a serviette paper?
  7. Can I get the clearance certificates from the relevant authorities for my Frenchie?
  8. Can I give bottled water to my Frenchie if needed?
  9. Can I keep another Frenchie bulldog if it needs?
  10. Can I allocate a special space for my Frenchie for its tasks?


In this article, we have explained why it ins best to have a Frenchie regarding the effort you have to put into taking care of it. As you know, a franchise is a dog breed that has several advantages as well as minor disadvantages.

If you can allocate your time along with a considerable amount of money, a french bulldog will be a better choice. If you don’t have time, then you will not even be in the game.

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