How To Tire Out French Bulldog Puppy? You Must Read!

How To Tire Out Your French Bulldog Puppy

Thinking about having a couch potato who seems already tired out? Suddenly an image of a little Frenchie pup popped out. Ta-da, here we go! So, tiring out your French bulldog pup is not a big challenge at all. Keep on reading!

How to tire out your french bulldog puppy? A Frenchie pup is not hard to tire out if you play fetch, puppy mind games, use brain-stimulating toys, take on little walks and socialize with other pets. They get tired easily and it is important to identify the signs of tiredness and control them from being over-tired. 

Well, I have experienced much with the tiredness of my little French pup, and continue reading to know what I have shared with you.  

Do French Bulldogs Get Tired Easily?

In short- Yes! If you already have a Frenchie pup you might know how exhausted they become even after a walk around the house. That is not because they are so lazy, it is just the way they are since they have small bodies with critical breathing issues. 

So, it is their biological structure that makes them tire out easily. English Bulldogs and American bulldogs are the opposite. When compared to these two types, Frenchies are low-energy fellows. They prefer occasional playing sessions with their owner and if they are provided with a comfy couch, sometimes they are not coming out of it even to have their meals. 

They are cute little homie dogs who do not prefer to make themselves tired. Therefore French bulldog puppies do not require a lot of tiring out activities as they just stay like they are tired 24/7. But, there are instances where you need to make them tired out when they have more energy to pent up. 

I’ll share some of the ways which I have tried out with my Frenchie pup to make him tired when needed. Let’s dig in.

5 Ways To Tire Out Your French Bulldog Puppy – No 2 Is Ideal!

As you know by now French Bulldog puppies get easily tired even after a simple activity. So, you do not need to put much energy into the course. 

But, make sure your Frenchie pup is having enough tired-out activities when he spends the whole day comfortably packed on a sofa. Try doing the following activities to make him tired out when needed. 

1. Play Some Mind Games

Tiring your Frenchie pup mentally is one of the most effective ways. But remember to have a certain limit and do not ever let the game finish your Frenchie’s mind. 

For example, you can play a muffin game with your Frenchie pup as it is not so energetic. 

Take a muffin tin with an average size and some dog-friendly tennis balls. Then teach him how to sniff every treat hidden under the tennis balls and let him find the treat all alone. 

In that way, you can make your Frenchie pup’s mind tired and as a result, it becomes an effective mind game to tire him out. 

2. Take Short Walks

Frenchie pups do not require very long and tiresome walks, they just only need a round or two, maybe only around your apartment or in the garden. 

It is better if he shows interest in going to the park or somewhere out. But, make sure he is not walking for miles. Because Frenchie pups are low-energy dogs. 

3. Use Brain-Stimulating Toys

You can find hundreds of brain-stimulating dog toys for your Frenchie pup which are the best therapies to make him tired without spending much physical energy. 

These toys will keep your Frenchie pup busy and eventually he will get tired. 

Check out the below-mentioned toys and pick one for your Frenchie ball. 

  •   Puppy Kong    
  •   Squeaky Ball
  •   Interactive Treat Dispensing Ball
  •   Hyper Pet Doggy Tail Toy

4. Puppy Socialization Programs

Many places and organizations offer puppy socialization programs that are designed especially for French bulldog pups. 

Do not worry about vaccinations since all the pups in these programs are not vaccinated and have not been exposed to public places. So your Frenchie ball is a sofa from having the risk of diseases. They are all in the same boat. 

As well as your major intention of tiring him out is accomplished, you also can enjoy another benefit which is early socialization. You know how important the socialization part is to your Frenchie pup. 

5. Play Fetch

Playing fetch is one of the trickiest ways you can make your Frenchie pup tired without their knowing. Since he starts playing with all his energy as the game is interesting, he does not recognize that his body is getting tired. 

As you are also involved in the game, your Frenchie pup will get over-excited too. He loves to play with you all the time. 

Make sure to give him enough water after playing and get him ready for bed. 

I know that all of the above ways won’t work with your Frenchie fellow. But try one by one and choose what is good for him. In my case, I had to continue with short walks and playing sessions as my buddy loves a lot to spend time in that way. 

Remember that the tiring-out activity should be one of their favorite things to do. Forcing will only make him more stubborn.  

Most importantly, you should have a thorough knowledge of your Frenchie pup’s behavior when he is tired out. In the next part, I have shared with you the signs of tiredness my Frenchie ball showed. So, in such instances, it is wise to let him stay as he prefers without tiring out anymore. 

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What Are The Signs Of Tiredness Your French Bulldog Puppy Shows?

Frenchie puppies are drama kings and queens. So, they usually overshow their tiredness in different signs. Therefore, I’m sharing these signs with you not to stress about it because such conditions are easily treatable. 

Check whether the below-mentioned signs can be seen through your Frenchie pet as well. 

1. Sleeps A Lot

Frenchie balls can be awarded for their amazing skill of sleeping. Yes, sometimes Guinness too. Well if we get to the point, French bulldog puppies sleep a lot when they get tired. 

You know how exhausted they might become even after a little walk with you. In such instances, they tend to sleep more than their usual sleep hours. 

2. Become Hyperactive

As the same as the little children who go crazy when they cannot bear the tiredness, Frenchie pups also become hyperactive. 

Yeah, I know it is a bit confusing, but French bulldog puppies have their way of showing their tiredness. Sometimes, they even become so excited as well. 

3. Do Not Care About Commands

You might have noticed that sometimes your little Frenchie pup does not care about your commands and neglect them like they are deaf. To be frank, it is not that he is not caring, it is just because he has forgotten the commands since his tiredness is at a higher level. 

But, there are instances where things can be vice versa. In such situations, he is neglecting your commands and becoming disobedient to you. 

So, do not scold him or punish them. Just let him take a little rest, perhaps a little sleep, and everything will go back to normal. 

4. Excessive Yawning

Yawning is a very common sign among Frenchie pups when they are overtired. If it is more than usual it is better to let him settle himself without making him engage in any activities. 

However, yawning can be a sign of stress and uneasiness too. So, be on alert!

5. Not Interested In Anything

The loss of interest in your Frenchie pup can be taken as a sign of tiredness. He will not show any interest in his favorite toys or treats like usual and will not be clingy or follow you around the whole house anymore. 

It can be noticed quickly. So, remember it is because he is done for the day and yearning for a comfy sleep. 

Apart from the above mentioned signs, you can also notice:

  •   Heavy breaths
  •   Laying down 
  •   Having zoomies
  •   Out of self-control
  •   Little painful noises because of muscle pains

So, you have to be a close observer of your Frenchie ball 24/7. I know the struggle but I also know how sad and suffering it is, if not take him for granted. French bulldogs are magnets of health issues. Keep that in your mind always. 

How Much Exercise Does A French Bulldog Puppy Need?

Frenchie puppies are powder dolls. They do not require a lot of exercise like other breeds. Sometimes they indeed have some energy to spend. But, it is not often.  

Despite the above fact, Frenchie pups need to be kept healthy. Therefore, it is better if you can take him for a short walk of 10-15 mins per day. 

Remember to limit his exercises, especially during warm days since they cannot bear the heat. Frenchie pups are easily caught in the heat and overheating is very bad for their health. It can be life-threatening!

Not only the heat but Frenchie pups should be protected from cold as well. They cannot be exposed to weather extremes. 

Anyway, consider the weather too when planning your Frenchie’s exercises and make sure he is getting enough exercise with age. 

It is of utmost importance to keep him a bit active since Frenchie pups are much more prone to obesity and heart failure as they are spending more time in one place without even a single movement. 

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Things To Be Considered Before Tiring Out Your French Bulldog Puppy

First and foremost confirm that your Frenchie pup needs a tiring out session. If he is already done with many activities or bored or physically ill, do not try to make him tired. 

Keep him motivated to have enough exercises and activities before going to the bed or when he is hyperactive. 

If your Frenchie pup is just okay with his way, do not force him to engage in tiring-out activities. But make sure he is safe from obesity and heart failure. 

Always keep in your mind that French bulldog puppies are low energy and they cannot bear many tiring physical activities. 

Final Thoughts

Making your Frenchie pup tired is an important thing. But, remember to do it only when he is needed to. As you know, French bulldogs are very prone to diseases and weak health conditions. So when it is about pups, things can be worse.

Be careful and mindful!

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