Why Does My Bulldog Growl At Me? (Explained!)

Why Does My Bulldog Growl At Me

Bulldogs growl based on different intentions. There are instances where your bulldog growls at you as well. Have you ever given thought to it?

Why does my Bulldog growl at me? A bulldog growls at you in two different types: happy growls and warning growls much like the other dogs. They do growl at you as a way of communicating in situations such as danger, jealousy, illness, stress, and to say ‘NO’. Most of the time ‘Stay back’ is the major hidden intention of a bulldog growling at you. 

Let’s go through some other common questions you have regarding the issue of your Bully growling at you. 

Why Does My Bulldog Growl At Me?

As you are the proud owner of your bulldog, it confuses you when he is growling at you. Whether it is a happy growl or a warning growl it does matter to the close bond between you and your Bully. 

Therefore, it is crucial to identify why he is growling at you. Here are some reasons I met with when I did some research about this issue as I also had to face it. 

1 . When You Are In A Danger

Your bulldog can sense and identify when you are in danger. On such occasions, he tries to warn you by growling at you. But not in a much more aggressive manner.

He is trying his best to say ‘Back-off’ and if he can handle the situation he does not like you to intervene with it. 

2 . Not Feeling Well

When your bully is not feeling good and does not have any mood to do anything, he prefers to stay without getting disturbed. But, if you do not notice it and go to him and try to drag him to play, he growls at you. 

Sometimes, if an injury has occurred or his health condition is down with a weak body, these growls can be aggressive. 

3 . Stress

If your bully has already stressed about something and when you try to touch him or go near him, he might growl at you to say ‘Do not disturb me.’

In such situations, it is important to let him be alone for a while and then take immediate action to treat his stress without waiting til the condition gets critical into depression. 

4 . Jealousy

Bulldogs are a bit stubborn and have a bit of an attitude toward dogs. Trust me, your Bully hates when you pet another dog even for a little time. 

During such instances, he grows crazy in anger and growls at you to stop it. That’s the only way he knows to express his feelings when he is jealous. 

Your bully does not like to share you with another stranger and it could be a dog or a human. It does not count. 

5 . As A Joke

Well, sometimes your Bully growls at you all of a sudden just for fun. He might be playing around and suddenly thinks that it will be fun to disturb you.

Do not forget that, his final intention is dragging you to play with them. 

Why Does My Bulldog Growl Only At Some People And Not Others?

Bulldogs are a wise breed of dogs who have the ability to read human minds. Have you noticed, in some instances your Bully is growling at some people but not at everyone?

Well, one reason for him to growl at some people he meets while walking or in a public place is, when that person is suspicious. It means, when a particular person is looking too much into your Bully’s eyes and behaving strangely, your Bully supposes that he is not safe for other people. 

When you identify your Bully friend to some of your neighbors and suddenly he starts growling it might be because that neighbor does not have a good connection with your Bully. He/she might have chased or hit your bully friend before. 

Sometimes, it is just simply because of an outfit a person is wearing. Yes, bulldogs can be such weirdos. I am not sure whether they can read the intention of people they meet and they are getting so close in an adorable way with some strangers who are lovely and friendly to them.

Could My Bulldog Growling Lead To Biting?

Your bulldog’s growling at you in different instances can lead to biting when he is in a critical situation which is unbearable. 

Generally, it does not have a chance for a bite if he is undergoing a little problem. But, you should identify why your bully is growling at you before petting him.

If he is growling at you when playing, always try to make him understand that you are the alpha and not him. Then he knows what’s his role and what not to do no matter how playful the session is. 

When the condition is critical as your bulldog’s growling ends up biting you, do not touch him or disturb him. Then take him to the vet but be careful. 

Should I Be Worried If My Bulldog Growls At Me?

As you know by now, a Bulldog has some unique reasons to growl at you. He uses it as a way of communication and you should try your best to identify what he is saying. 

For instance, suppose you are touching his belly which has been injured, or when he is suffering from a digestive problem. Then for sure, he growls at you to say ‘Don’t.’ That is his way of telling it. 

When you feel like it is not something good to wait and watch for another period, take your bully to a vet. But, before that, you should identify if he is growling at you due to an injury or a behavioral problem. 

Apart from the above two instances, you do not have to worry about the issue. 

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How To Stop My Bulldog From Growling At Me?

When the issue of your Bully growling at you crosses the limits, you should take several steps to make him control. 

1st Step: Identify The Reason

First and foremost, you should identify the exact reason for your bully to growl at you when you go near him or try to pet him. 

It might be a jury, mental health problems like stress or anxiety, or a behavioral issue. Observe him closely and identify the reason. 

2nd Step: Adjust His Surrounding

If it is because of a stressful environment around him, you should change his environment. You have to make him comfortable and reduce the stress causing him.

3rd Step: A Behavior Modification Program

Introducing your bully to a behavior modification program will be ideal if he continues growling at you as a habit. 

Then he will gradually learn how to shape his behavior without letting it grow into an aggressive stage.

All the above steps should be followed if your bulldog is growling at you due a serious reason. If he is growling just for fun, do not worry about the issue as it is just another weird drama of his. 

Things To Consider

Be careful when touching or petting your bulldog when he is ill or injured. 

Do not punish him for growling at you as it only makes him more stubborn.

Be patient and be kind when listening and attending to the issue as you are the only person who can help him. 

Final Thoughts

I know the struggle of having a bully as a pet dog and how attitude they are. So, growling at you is not the only problem they cause you. But, remember to be kind and support your bully to shape his behavior. 

Follow the above tips and tricks to get rid of the issue. 

Cheers till next time!

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