Do Bulldogs Have An Undercoat? Here Are The Truth!

Do Bulldogs Have An Undercoat

As a bulldog parent, you worry a lot about the coat of your bully. But have you ever thought about your bulldog’s undercoat? Well, you have come to the right place, and here is the top to bottom about the bulldog’s undercoat. 

Do bulldogs have an undercoat? The answer depends on the type of bulldog. French bulldogs have an undercoat despite some brindle breeds and English and American bulldogs are not filled with an undercoat. French bulldogs who have an undercoat are born with shorter hair than other dogs and their topcoat is harsh while the undercoat is softer. 

Nope, that’s not all about your Bully’s undercoat. The best part is about undercoat maintenance and knowing a-z about it. So, continue reading and I know you will never regret this. 

What Is A Bulldog Undercoat And What Does It Look Like?

Bulldogs- how charming and elegant with a magical texture that is glossy, straight, and short-haired? The smooth coat is unforgettable when mentioning their pride.

Typically, a bulldog’s undercoat is exactly what it sounds like. A bulldog’s undercoat is the extra layer of coat that can be seen beneath the top coat. Majorly, an undercoat of a bulldog is composed of a bit fluffy and soft hair but not much fluffy like other undercoated breeds. 

An undercoat of a bulldog appears like a protective layer of a softer coat that grows shorter in size. But, when compared to the top coat, the undercoat is growing vigorously. Mostly, the undercoats of bulldogs can also be seen in light colors much like the other dog breeds. 

If you are a proud and loving owner of a french bulldog, you might have already noticed how fast the growth of his undercoat is and obviously, you have to face some little issues during their shedding seasons. 

What’s The Difference Between A Single Coat And A Double Coat?

Generally, the difference between a single coat and a double coat is the number of coat layers a doggy has. When it is regarding bulldogs and all the other breeds, having an undercoat means simply he is a double-coated dog. 

Single-coated dogges have only one layer of hair on top of their skin and no hidden layer beneath the top layer. 

The double-coated dogs tend to have an undercoat that is shorter than their outer layer of hair. Often, it is light in color and much softer than the outer coat. 

As same as the other dogs who are double coated, bulldogs are also meant to shed more fur around your household twice a year. Sometimes, their undercoat is shed completely due to the seasonal changes they undergo which is a quite natural incident. 

On the other hand, single-coated dogs can have hair at any length and despite the length and the softness of the hair, they should wear a dog jacket during winter seasons.

Therefore, English and American bulldogs who are identified as single-coated dogs should be highly taken care of during the winter season since they do not have the insulation powered by an undercoat. 

Single CoatedDouble Coated
Not fluffyFluffy with dense hair
Have only a single layer of hairHave two layers of hair
Much prone to allergiesNot often hypoallergenic
Less sheddingMore shedding 

Are Bulldogs Mandatorily Double-Coated Dogs?

Bulldogs are not mandatorily double-coated dogs. But French bulldogs have a short and smooth undercoat beneath their top layer of hair. This is not a common feature of French bulldogs except for some brindle breeds. Since some French bulldogs are born with an undercoat, they tend to shed twice a year. 

Undercoats of French bulldogs are not composed of long hair and as a result, it is easy for the owner to groom them, unlike the other dog breeds that have very fluffy undercoats. Double-coated French bulldogs shed comparatively more hair during the two seasons. But, it’s not a big deal to clean all the fur and hair since they do have very short hair. 

When it is related to the English bulldogs and American bulldogs neither of them have undercoats. As a result, they need some comfy coverage during cold days due to the fact that a single coat does not protect them from cold.

Even Frenchies also need coats or blankets during the winter season and obviously, you have seen a lot of Frenchies covered for most of the days. 

If you have an English bulldog or an American bulldog you do not have to worry much about cleaning their shed as they are moderate shedders who do not possess an undercoat and it is easy to manage since they shed only the single coat they have. 

Is It Bad To Remove A Bulldog’s Undercoat? – Here With The Grooming Tips

Well, bulldogs are not born with undercoats except the French bulldogs, you do not need to bother about removing the undercoat. Of course, there’s no presence of an undercoat to remove in English and American bulldog. 

Even it is not needed to shave or remove the undercoat of your Frenchie as they are the only bulldog type who have an undercoat. Bulldogs are much prone to allergies and skin problems. It is a general fact that you should know as a bulldog owner. Therefore, when you feel like removing your bully’s top coat or undercoat, think twice. 

Simply, removing the undercoat or the top coat of your Bully might result in bad results for him. 

Instead, you can groom his coat to be shiny and healthy, and do not forget that any dog breed is beautiful in the way they are. It is better if you can highlight and improve their wellness while letting them shine the way they naturally look. 

We’ll look into some grooming tips to maintain your bully’s coat extra shiny and smooth. 

1 . Bathe Your Bulldog Regularly

Bathing your crazy lump at least once a month is more than enough to get a shiny and healthy coat. it improves even his hygiene. I know how badly you wanna be a caring Bulldog parent. But do not bathe him daily even if you feel like he is dirty or dusty as bathing him too much can result in striped skin. 

Do not forget the fact Bulldogs are blessed with sensitive skin which has also become the only reason for skin problems. 

Use a soft and mild shampoo when bathing your bully. It is good if you can make a recommendation from the vet. Try using a good dog conditioner enriched with Vitamin E. Be careful when using shampoo and conditioner as they can tend to cause skin irritations. 

2 . Give A Good Brush Once A Two Or Three Days

Brushing is the secret of a shiny bulldog coat. First, you should select a suitable and soft brush for your bully. The type of brush depends on the size and thickness of the coat. 

If you have a French bulldog as your pet, do not bother to brush him once every two or three days. It is more than enough if you can give a comfy brush to him once a week since they have very short hair. 

Brushing your bully removes the dead coat and stimulates hair follicles which aid to have a healthy coat. 

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3 . Make Sure Your Bully Is Getting Omega 3 And Omega 6

Another secret tip for maintaining a shiny and healthy bulldog coat is feeding him nutritious food bowls. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids can do magic when it is regarding your bulldog’s coat.

Sources enriched with omega acids:

  •   Sardines
  •   Tuna
  •   Salmon

You can simply add one of these omega-containing food items to your bulldog’s meals and trust me he will have those with pleasure since the taste is heaven. 

Before continuing with grooming tips, you should make sure that your Bully is getting enough proteins for the growth of his coat. You might know that 90% of a dog’s coat is made of proteins. 

Great protein sources:

  •   Chicken
  •   Lamb
  •   Turkey
  •   Salmon

On the other hand oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, and safflower oil are actively affecting the appearance of a shiny coat. Just add a few drops to your bully’s meal and you will encounter the difference eventually. (Use a tablespoon or a teaspoon)

Apart from maintaining your bulldog’s coat, you have to take care of his nails and dental hygiene as well. make sure his nails are properly trimmed and stay alert on issues regarding his teeth. 

Caring Tips For Your Bulldog’s Coat

Always look into your bully’s skin rashes that might pop out during sunny days since they have a soft top coat. 

Make sure your bulldog is brushed well and remove his dead hair and skin once a week. 

If his skin problems and sheddings are unusual and beyond your control take him to the vet and have a check-up. 

Do not use highly chemical products in bathing your bulldog and try to buy recommended and branded products that are made only for bulldogs. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to be a proud owner of a happy bulldog you must care a lot even about their coats. It sounds easy but the mission is hard sometimes. Anyway, try your best to keep your bully happy and healthy with a healthy top coat or undercoat. 

Cheers till next time!

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