What To Expect With A French Bulldog Puppy? (For Beginners)

What To Expect With A French Bulldog Puppy

You must know A-Z of a French bulldog pup if you are off to purchase one. Although what you expect it to become is a grown bulldog, you must care for its puppyhood. Therefore, it is always crucial you know what to expect from a  French Bulldog Puppy. 

What to expect from a French Bulldog puppy? Here we go! Having to pay a lot of money, not having to take away for outdoor exercise, having to be nurtured, being friendly with other pets, and having the risk of anxiety are major things you must expect from a French Bulldog puppy up to one year. 

Although it combines good and evil, you can’t forget the most important thing to expect from a Bulldog Puppy, having millions of adorable and funny moments within year one. So,this small guide will help you to know more about the above-mentioned factors. 

The French Bulldog Puppies Will Do What Others Do, But

You will not have to expect much variation from Frenchie Puppies compared to other puppies. They will sleep most of the time, and you must expect a longer sleep than the French Bulldogs. At some points, we observed French bulldog puppies that slept up to 19 hours. But the average sleep time will be about 16 hours per day. 

Also, cuddling and getting into mysterious chases will be parts of the puppies. Therefore, you don’t have to expect an outdoor training requirement from them. 

You Have To Expect Their Expectation Of You

As the Frenchie Bulldog puppy owner, you must give attention to them as they require it. What they seek as grown Frenchies is a master for them. When it comes to a puppy, all they need is someone to share their moments. They want to play with you and be with them all the time. Therefore, we recommend you stay by them for at least a couple of hours daily.

If you don’t give them the message that you are the Alpha, they will think themselves to be Alpha when they grow. Providing food, entering first to home, allocating territories for them, and similar will be required. 

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You Will Get A Puppy That Can’t Swim

Whether it is about a grown bulldog or a puppy, you can’t expect your puppy to swim. Also, you must remember that your french bulldog can barely walk due to their physical capabilities. You must not leave any pond or any kind of water body that can easily make your puppies drawn. 

You Have To Pay To Get One

The price is also something you need to expect from a French Bulldog puppy. We called several places where French Bulldogs are sold, and the best price we could get was $650 in the USA. Also, we saw that there are French Bulldog puppy sellers who charge over $1000. 

Although you get a chance to buy a grown French Bulldog, that will not be necessary as a puppy can deliver many benefits such as straining, cuteness in puppyhood, sending a message about the owner, good behavior, and loyalty to the family. 

Overheating Is Something You Must Expect

French Bulldog puppies are sensitive and easily exposed to temperature. We checked the ideas of 36 French Bulldog Puppies and learned that 75% of them have faced heat stress at least once in their lives. Also, if you are in May, you will have a higher chance of heat being tolerated by the puppy this month. 

You must limit outdoor tours, provide cool water, air-conditioning the home, avoid direct sunlight that comes into the house, and other necessary things for this matter. 

Destructive Behavior Is A Thing You Can’t Deny

Destruction is one of the best ways to name your French Bulldog puppy. They will chew the cables, tear the papers, and make a mess in your home. It means you have to refer to the Frenchie training program when it is a small puppy. 

Since Frenchies are intelligent creatures, you must teach them what to do and what not to do. Although all you have to teach is to say “No” and give the treat to teach them nondestructive manners, you will be able to teach lots of things to them. 

A Nutritious Diet

A well balanced diet enriched with nutritions diet is a  MUST thing you should expect if you are going to be a Frenchi parent. It is a matter that depends on size, allergies, weight, and several more factors. Therefore, you must discuss such things with a Veterinary Surgeon on your first visit.

Even after the doctor recommends the food you give to the puppies, you must make sure you are purchasing from the best manufacturer. 

The most important thing is not the price but the quality. We checked more than 100 puppies whose weight had been a problem due to the fluctuating increase. Therefore, you must not provide food excessively. 

More Meetups With Other Pets/Puppy Gatherings

Among the things you have to expect with a French bulldog puppy, his friends are crucial. The fact is you have to make them meet your Frenchie puppy. Cats, other dogs, and similar puppies must be met by the puppy you have. We insist that we have not found any case of a Frenchie puppy being aggressive to other pets at home. 

Another thing you have to meet with Frenchie puppies is their barking. They will bark at other pets, and you have to make it a normal thing. Although Frenchie puppies don’t tend to bite others, you must protect the puppies from others. Since the Frenchie has a louder voice, other pets at home may think the puppies are aggressive.

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Final Thoughts

We have explained the facts and information about French bulldog puppies that you may meet within one year’s time. If you try to manage them as we have explained, you will be able to have a puppy that has been trained well and follow your commands. If you have anything to verify, just let us know. We will revert soon.

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