Why Does Your Frenchie Smell Like Fritos? Here’s The Truth!

Why Does Your Frenchie Smell Like Fritos

Frenchies and their unique smells are one of the common problems that you have to bear with. When it comes to odors, have you ever felt like your Frenchie smells like Fritos? 

Why does your Frenchie smell like Fritos? Simply, it is due to the mixture of bacteria, fungi, and yeast that lives on the skin, skin microbiome, and especially on the paws of a French bulldog. When it is regarding paws, it is called ‘Frito Feet’ and regular cleaning is the best solution to overcome this condition.

Here’s everything about your Frenchie smelling like Fritos and I have shared what I’ve done regarding the issue. Stop worrying and start reading! 

Why Does My French Bulldog Smell Like Corn Chips?

As a Frenchie parent, you might have experienced a range of different smells coming out from your Frenchie pal. The weird odors of dogs are common ground. 

Perhaps, your Frenchie might smell like trash after rolling over with a bin or sometimes they smell completely like rotten fish where the smell is not pleasant at all. 

But, have you ever felt that your Frenchie smells like corn chips? I know, it’s a bit weird, but for sure you have had it. It is coming from his paws and the condition is known as ‘Frito Feet’. 

When your Frenchie’s paws are infected with yeast, bacteria, and fungi, the corn chips smell evokes a lot. If you do not know, a bacteria called Pseudomonas is associated with the corn chip smell of your Frenchie. 

The bacteria Pseudomonas plays a major role in the condition and it gives birth to grape-like and corn-like smells. Suppose, now you get the point. 

Apart from the pseudomonas, the other microbes such as:

  •   Yeast
  •   Malassezia
  •   Bacteria Proteus

Also, play a major role in making your Frenchie smell like Fritos or any other corn chips. 

Next, we’ll look into what are the other reasons that tend to generate a Frito-like smell from your Frenchie. 

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Reasons Why My French Bulldog Smells Like Fritos – Focused On Major 4 Areas!

In the first place, you have to identify the reasons why your Frenchie smells like Fritos before starting the mission of keeping him away from such unpleasant odors. 

Let’s dig in, focusing on 4 major areas. 

1 . Dirty Paws

Frenchies often suffer from smelly paws. Their paws and feet can easily get infected with yeast and bacteria. 

When you take your Frenchie pal out for walks, he might catch up with pseudomonas bacteria from water and soil. As a result, your Frenchie might have ‘Frito Feet’ and smell like Fritos. 

You can easily understand if there’s such an issue with your Frenchie as he always licks his paws. Apart from the bad smell, if you can see his paws are swollen, red, and perhaps bleeding, take him immediately to the vet. 

2 . Uncleaned Facial Folds

The more the facial folds are, the more adorable your Frenchie pie is. But, they can get smelly in milliseconds. 

Therefore, if his facial folds and wrinkles are not wiped off regularly it can cause a Frito-like smell and eventually it welcomes critical conditions too. 

3 . Smelly Tail Pocket

A tail pocket is one of the unique features a Frenchie got. I know it’s a bit weird and I even face some difficulties in maintaining its cleanliness of it. 

Since the tail pocket of a Frenchie is placed beneath his tail the possibility of collecting dirt is at a higher range. If the particular place is not well cleaned, it can cause unbearable smells. 

The yeast activation also joins the war and might grab your nose away. 

4 . Infections In The Ear

The ears of Frenchies are of utmost importance. They are made to collect debris and dirt. Though Frenchies have little bat ears, they can cause some serious conditions if not well cleaned. 

Therefore, a spotless clean is a must for a Frenchie and then you can avoid him smelling like Fritos. 

If you identify one of the above-mentioned reasons as the exact reason for your Frenchie to smell like Fritos, start the mission of helping your poor guy get over this problem. 

Is It Normal For Your French Bulldog To Smell Like Fritos?

Well, your Frenchie’s paws smell like Fritos is possible at any time since bacterial infections are much more common with French bulldogs.

But, if your Frenchie’s immunity system is not healthy and strong, yes you should worry about the condition. Because in some situations the growth of bacterial infections is at a rapid level. 

As a result, your Frenchie might suffer from some advanced symptoms such as,

  •   Redness
  •   Itching Paws
  •   Chewing Continuously
  •   Sores
  •   Inflammation
  •   Shedding Unnaturally   

Therefore, when you feel like your Frenchie is smelling like Fritos or any other bad odors along with the above-advanced symptoms, take him to the vet and seek vet advice. It’s not something to wait and watch as these bacterial infections can enter into the sensitive areas of your Frenchie and can cause dangerous situations. 

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How Do I Prevent My Frenchie From Smelling Like Fritos?

I know how disturbing a smelly Frenchie is. But, we are responsible for it and not him as he can’t clean his body all by himself. 

I followed a successful cleaning routine for my Frenchie and eventually, he said bye-bye to the Frito-like smell. So, try and see whether the below steps will be an aid to your Frenchie ball. 

  • Maintaining A Clean Set Of Nails And Paws Is Very Important

Always make sure that your Frenchie’s paws are well cleaned with antibacterial wipe tissues whenever he is home after outdoor walks. Trim the nails and always look for dirt and debris within his paws. 

  • Yes, A Well-cleaned And Pleasant Tail Pocket Is A Must

Try using Glandex wipes to clean the tail pocket of your Frenchie. I know it is a bit embarrassing, but you cannot escape the duty. 

You should be very careful when cleaning this area because of the sensitivity and easy inflammations. Make sure to use a mild shampoo around the area and leave it for 2 mins. Then rinse it off with warm water and dry the area gently. 

  • A Good Fold Care Would Help

Fold caring can be pointed out as one of the most crucial phases in cleaning your Frenchie without letting him smell like Fritos. 

You can make a cleaning solution from a dilute medicated shampoo with water or else some antibacterial wipes. Then start with facial folds and wrinkles. Use a cotton ball or swab to get the best results. 

After that, go for his paws and make sure the folds are well cleaned, and then take care of his armpits too. 

In advance, if you want to have the best results, you can clean your Frenchie’s bedding too. When washing it is better if you can use hot water to kill all the bacteria. 

Final Thoughts

At ground level, odors are quite normal with your Frenchie pal. But, it is your responsibility to keep him clean and tidy always. In some situations, the active participation of yeast, bacteria, and fungi living on your Frenchie’s skin can make him healthier and harmless too. 

But, when the situation is reaching out of boundaries when your Frenchie’s skin is overpopulated things can become worse. Therefore, you should stay alert for your Frenchie’s smells and be a very attentive owner. A happy Frenchie ball, a happy you!

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