Why Do Other Dogs Hate French Bulldogs? Here Is Why!

Why Do Other Dogs Not Like French Bulldogs

A French Bulldog owner has to face the hatred or the disliking of other dogs to your pet. We admit that is one tough moment for you as well. Likes and dislikes are parts of dogs’ lives too. But, when it comes to other dogs vs your adorable pet, you will see more than the usual limit. Why does that happen?

Why do other dogs hate French bulldogs? Not having proper training for your dog, having a deep barking tone, not giving friendly dog breeds to play with, and having too much attached to you are such reasons. As you can see, there is not just one but many reasons for that problem.

This article will explain the reasons and answers for your problems related to your French Dog’s incompetence to make new friends. 

These Are The Reasons We Understood Why Other Dogs Hate French Bulldogs

According to the experience we have got through years of bulldog keeping, we can mention some points for the particular problem. These reasons will help you understand the different moments your Frenchie is going through and get answers for their friendship issues. 

1. Your French Bulldog May Be Just Short Of A Greeting!

Sniffing once or twice with a new friend is a dog’s behavior. The particular greeting method is not available for French Bulldogs. The fact is French Bulldogs don’t have the perfect sense of smell like other dogs. Because of this, other dogs may judge that your French Bulldog is someone more aggressive. 

  • Let Them Know Each Other, That’s All You Can Do

As a pet owner, you know that your stunning pet is a friendly companion for not just you but any other neighborhood companion. Letting them have a couple of minutes or hours together will clarify their doubts. But, if the wannabe friend is an aggressive dog, things will not be as expected. 

2. They Have A Deep Voice

Do you remember you hated people with deep voices when you were a kid? You might have cried as well. The same applies to your French Bulldog, who has a deep voice. The French bulldogs, specially bred sub-species f Bulldogs, have almost a similar voice to Bulldogs. Even if they try to make a friendly nark, it will be scary for other dogs. 

We saw that several dogs, much larger than French bulldogs, feared French bulldogs’ barking. Sometimes, even Bulldogs, we noticed that Leonberger, English Mastiff, and even Great Dane feared the French Bulldog’s voice. 

Your pet doesn’t know about this and is trying to make new friends. How other dogs think about your French Dog is as someone aggressive. So, refusals, neglect, and dumps happen often.

3. Your French Bulldog Is Not Interested In Others At All

As a human, you must know that you can’t clap single-handedly. Like this, other pets can’t start a closer relationship with your pet when your Frenchie rejects others. All it needs is you. 

Your French Bulldog wants to stick with you wherever you go. In several cases, we could identify this condition as a clingy behavior mainly affected by French bulldogs. 

  • Why Is It Depending On You This Much?

Your French bulldogs depend not only on the food or medicine you give but also on your eyesight. Lacemakers are the creators of this breed who made French bulldogs in the early 1800s. 

Lacemakers wanted a miniature version of the Bulldogs and especially included the quality of being loyal to the owner more than necessary. If other dogs reject your dog, then the answer is in its genetics. 

  • Just Make Some Distance Between You And Your Frenchie

Keep your distance between you and your dog since the Frenchie is a puppy. This will allow your Frenchie not to bond so tightly with you. 

4. Barking Matters

When searching for an answer to “Why do other dogs hate French bulldogs,” it must be consuming to see this reason. But it is a reason too. Although dogs usually bark, the French Bulldogs bark less than most typical dogs. 

  • They Are Among The Laziest Barkers Among All

We have previously counted that a usual dog barks about 100 times per day, and that can be as high as 150-200. But, when it comes to French bulldogs, that can be as low as 20-25. 

As a French Bulldog owner, you must know that its barking sequence is not a problem but a great relief to you. Since French Bulldogs are quiet animals, French bulldogs are recommended for Flats, Apartments, and Urban areas as pets. But, regarding French Bulldog’s company, that affects a lot. 

5. Lack Of Training

One of the most common reasons other dogs dislike French bulldogs is the lack of training. We contacted 20 French Bulldog owners Who complained about their pet’s lack of companionship with others. Eventually, we understood that most pet owners were not interested in training their pets. Lack of training makes them less socialized and active.

One of the most common mistakes made by pet owners is assuming their German Bulldog pets to be stubborn and impossible to train. Of course, they are not. Although your French Bulldog is a free-thinker that appreciates being alone without you, you can still teach them. 

  • You Can Train Your French Bulldog Just Like Any Other Dog

If you get interested, you will find hundreds of training strategies and methods mainly found for your French Bulldog. You will be able to make your French Bulldog a socialized pet and make them much more appealing in front of other dogs. 

6. Did You Try With The Oldest Friends?

Why can’t you be a friend of all the people in the world? Why do you care much more about your relative? Of course, you must be feeling something. Just like you, your pal, the French Bulldog has its favorite friends. Boxer Dogs, Dachshunds., English Springer Spaniel, Bulldogs, Greyhounds, Labradors, and Saluki are the oldest friends that your pet may identify. 

  • If You Keep Your Pet With These, Your Frenchie Will Never Be A Friend

Although your adorable little puppy is a small creature, it comes from a royal and proud family. Because you can keep it in an apartment as a domesticated pet, its genetics suggest you keep it with some pride dog breeds. We have tried them with Border Collies, West Highland White Terriers, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers for a long time and ended up getting growls and stares from our French Bulldogs. 

If you are worrying about Why do other dogs hate French bulldogs, the answer can be, “Did you try your French bulldog with its oldest friends?”. 

7. They Are Not Leaders At All And Appreciate The Company

If other dogs are trying to bully your French Bulldog as a team, then it is not something you might correct. Your French Bulldog pet is not made of leading material, and it admires the companionship of other dogs. 

This is not something special for the French Bulldog, either. Even the bulldogs are not trying to command others; they are famous as friends instead of leaders. 

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Should I Be Worried If Other Dogs Hate My French Bulldog?

No. You don’t have to worry. As a pet owner, this is not something you need to be afraid of or worry about this matter. 

All you have to do is to find a special friend for it. You are the best friends of your French Bulldog. If you want to add another to that list, then you must make that particular dog closer while you keep some distance. You must not keep your French Bulldog with a few more dogs. 

Tips To Attract Other Dogs To My French Bulldog

We can summarize the following methods explained in the above text. 

  • Provide proper training for your dog
  • Keep some distance between you and your French Bulldog when you want to make friends with him
  • Provide enough space for your dog and another dog as your pet’s barking may be louder
  • Train your dog especially to sniff something, and that will turn into a greeting soon
  • Don’t leave your French Bulldog alone in a place where more than 02 dogs are present

Ways To Socialize French Bulldogs With Other Dogs

The best way to make them more socialized is to provide proper training for your dog. We are using focus games for French Bulldogs that need to be socialized. 

  • Tug of War
  • Engage/Disengage Game
  • Hide and seek
  • Follow Me
  • The name game
  • Return to sender
  • Follow your nose

Note: You may use toys for these activities as well. They will build higher interactions for the training process as well. But, you must have an understanding of the colors, materials, and sizes of your French Bulldog favors. 

Final Thoughts

We have explained how a French bulldog behaves according to its instincts and genetics. You must get that a French bulldog is a different animal when compared to other miniature animals. 

If you understand these small things, you will be able to answer the question, “Why do other dogs hate French bulldogs.” If you have anything that you don’t understand, just leave us a message. We will help you along with our expert knowledge gained through experience.

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