Why Does My Frenchie Bark At Everything? Here Is Why!

Why Does My Frenchie Bark At Everything

A “barking dog” is not a way to name a dog, as that is what dogs do. They bark many times daily, and we can average 20-45 barks per day. 

When it comes to a Frenchie or a French Bulldog, you may expect more than that as they bark too much. Have you ever wondered, your Frenchie bark at everything? You must know the reasons as a Frenchie as the owner. That can be a common cause or something your adorable pet can’t tolerate.

So why does my frenchie bark at everything? Among the reasons, having fun, getting their owner’s attention, health issues, Anxiety, behavioral issues, territorial issues, and genetic issues are crucial. 

We have seen Frenchies constantly barking due to their “New Friends.” Not just as a pet owner, but as a human, you must know how they communicate with others. When it comes to Frenchie, they celebrate their new relationships more than other dog breeds.

What Does It Mean When Your French Bulldog Barks At Everything?

If your Frenchie dog barks at everything, you will have to understand it in two ways. The first one is that it has a temporary issue and barks due to that. The second way is, barking at everything is a part of a Frenchies behavior, and there is nothing you have to consider about that.

We tested 135 Frenchies and found that more than 85% of Frenchies don’t bark at all. The owners said that French Bulldogs rarely bark and have not seen them doing that recently. 

Most Frenchies are silent creatures who have got everything according to their favor. According to 15% of the French bulldog owners, their Frenchies not just bark, but they bark every time and everything.

Reasons Why Does My Frenchie Bark At Everything?

You must be able to define if it is a sudden cause or something that belongs to its day-to-day life. You can’t just ignore your Frenchie pal, barking at everything, leaving it as a natural cause as we know they don’t usually bark- at everything. 

The following reasons will clarify why your French Bulldog is barking at everything.  

1. New Items At Home

We understand that the French Bulldogs are sensitive to the things at your home. Whenever they recognize a new accessory or a thing at your home, they would bark constantly. 

When they see a cute something, they use to bark at familiar things as well. For example, if you purchase a new chair for your visiting room, French Bulldogs will start to bark at that. They will bark at that when they go near a familiar table too. 

The theory is simple, see a new thing at home and bark at everything.

2. The Door Is A Prime Suspect Of French Bulldog

Your Door is a prime suspect of your French Bulldog. Since visitors come through that entry point, your French Bulldog thinks of it as weird. We observed 145 French Dogs that barked at everything, and we saw that 40 of them were barking at the Door. 

Also, we realized that the owners had misunderstood them. Since the French Bulls bark at several places, the owners thought the Frenchies were barking at everything at home.

3. When They Want To Go Out

Among several dog breeds, French Bulldogs is at the top as a dog that doesn’t have a higher variation in its vice. Your Frenchie may use its barking to let you know it needs to go out.

4. They May Bark At Sounds & Noises Too

We realized that some dogs were barking at sounds also. For example, television, radio, and even mobile speakers were among them. Frenchies take them as challenges or threats and what they do is bark continuously. 

Even if the sound goes away, they will bark without stopping. We could understand that Frenchies would bark at the owner in these cases when the owner is carrying the speaker or any sound source.  

5. The Need For Attention

When considering the factors for “Why does my Frenchie bark at everything,” we realized that the need for attention was a significant cause. Frenchies require the attention of the owner more than any other dog breed. Although food is the primary concern for domesticated pets, the care is what a Frenchie would ask for.

Among 85 dogs we tested, 73 had been addicted to their owners. It means those pets could not bear the departure of the owner. As soon as the owner was in the dog’s sight, they started to bark at everything and asked for attention.

6. The Night

Like any other dog breed or you, the Frenchies are afraid of the dark. If you hear it barking in the middle of the night, all it needs is some light. Maybe it might see or hear things that you don’t see. Remember, dogs hear below your frequency range as well.

7. Other Dogs

The French bulldogs are among the friendliest dog breeds in the world. The creators had introduced this amazing feature since their breeding in the 18th century. But, what the Frenchies would do to make new friends is to bark continuously. When they meet a new dog, they will bark continuously for anything they see.

8. When They Were Left Along

French dogs are susceptible to Anxiety. When you leave your pet at home, it may get excited. As a part of that, they will bark not only at things but at other members at home as well.

9. Disease Conditions

Your dog may be barking at everything due to a disease or a parasite condition. We could see that ear infections, breathing problems, Conjunctivitis, and mobility issues mostly caused them to bark most of the time. If there are fluctuations in the voice of your dog, then it can mostly be due to a disease condition.

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How Do I Get My French Bulldog To Stop Barking?

At this point in the article, you must know the reasons why your French Bulldog is barking at everything. Let’s look at the things you can do to stop that.

1. Train It To Avoid Barking Stimulants

After having an idea, you must be able to understand why your Frenchie is barking so often. You may train your dog to ignore such stimulants. For example, you may give some treats near the Door. Then, you must take the next step, ask someone to come in a while your dog eats. So that’s it. You don’t have to be a Pro to do this simple training.

2. Just Ignore It

Ignoring is the best treatment for your dog’s barking nuisance. If you stop reacting to your dog’s barking, it will not get any stimulant and shut off itself.

3. A Focused Game, Especially To Stop Barking

We have tried several focus games for our Frenchies, and we could see that the “Silence Award” is the best one. You may reward your dog when it stops braking. Although it looks difficult, the Frenchie will learn.

4. Try The Dog Whistle

There are special Whistles introduced only for Frenchies. All you have to do is to blow the whistle when your pet barks. It will be quiet as soon as it hears this. The most important thing is you must not blow it often as the Frenchies may use to that.

5. Keep A Frenchie Duo

Frenchies do need friends more than any other domestic dog breed. As cute as a furry ball, they need to be petted, and that is their right. If you are busy, then adopting another Frenchie will be the best thing you can do.

6. Train It To The Dark

Training in the dark is another step you can take to stop your dog from barking at everything. We observed that more than 75% of dog owners keep them in light as they bark in the dark. 

We recommend you keep your dog in the semi-light or 505 of light until 06 months. Then you can either reduce that up to 25% of the actual dark or completely dark after 06 months.

7. Take Your Dog To A Veterinary

Taking your French Bulldog to a veterinary sergeant is also the best thing you can do. If you see any abnormality or a fluctuation in its barking tone, or it barks along with other physical indications, you must make your Frenchie to a veterinary sergeant.

Final Thoughts

We have explained the most common causes of your dog barking at everything. You must have an idea for the question “Why does my Frenchie bark at nothing?” and the particular answers for each issue.

We would recommend you to send your Frenchie through proper training, which can eliminate the fear of the dark, being too attached to the owner, and having personality issues-like common reasons for continuous barking. It may fix more than 90% of unbearable or unwanted barking of your pets as well.

If you feel it is something you can’t handle, it will be better to take your dog to a veterinary sergeant.

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