How To Keep French Bulldog Clean? (Must-Know Tips!)

How To Keep French Bulldog Clean

A clean, neat, and tidy Frenchie: one of the most satisfying moments for you as a dog parent. Cleaning a French bulldog should be done with much care. 

How to keep your French bulldog clean? The cleanliness of French bulldogs is crucial for kids. A Frenchie can be kept clean by bathing, cleansing ears, and wrinkles, cleaning tail pocket, using eye drops, cleaning his toys, and regular coat brushing. Moreover, keeping Frenchie’s crate or the place he sleeps clean is directly affecting his cleanliness. 

Let’s dig into more information about keeping your Frenchie clean and some extra things to be considered as French bulldogs are a bit sensitive. 

8 Tips to Keep Your French Bulldog Clean And Neat!

Even though we are Frenchie parents, we also have to run in the rat race in this modern world. But, no matter what, keeping your Frenchie clean should be kept at the top of your priority list. 

Check out the following tips and tricks regarding keeping your Frenchie clean which I have worked on and guess it doesn’t take much time too. 

1 . Bathe Your Frenchie At Least Once A Month

Bathing your Frenchie is one of the most important steps in the process of keeping him clean. A French bulldog’s skin is comparatively sensitive and you should be careful when using a bathing shampoo.

And also do not use hot water thinking that he will feel so cold as most of the time Frenchies are allergic to hot water. Always use lukewarm water and give a good bath while rubbing his whole body.

As Frenchies do not need to be over bathed, you can just wipe him regularly using wet clothes or wet wipes. In that way you can keep your Frenchie clean on off bath days.

Most importantly, remember to put cotton balls inside his ears as water can enter the ears and cause infections.

2 . Clean Your Frenchie’s Bat Ears Properly

French bulldogs are born with large bat ears and all kinds of junk and dust getting in there. So obviously you should take care to clean them well. 

Choose a suitable ear cleaner with the help of the veterinarian and be careful when choosing such products as you are cleaning the most sensitive organ of a Frenchie. 

Then put a few drops into the ear and give a good massage for about a minute first. After that let him shake and then take some cotton balls and clean all the dust and junk slowly.  

Remember to be gentle all the time as you are cleaning his ears. Do this once a week and your Frenchie will be safe from ear infections.

3 . Well Clean The Wrinkles

Cleaning wrinkles are inevitable from the cleaning routine of a French bulldog. I know how cute they look but at the same time wrinkles are easily filled with dust and junk. Eventually, they get bacterial attacks as well. 

Clean the wrinkles properly and it is better if you can use anti-bacterial wipes during the procedure. 

4 . Give A Proper Cleaning To Tail Pockets

Have you ever heard about the tail pockets of a French bulldog? Though you already have a Frenchie probably you are not aware of it. Yes, Frenchies do have a tail pocket which is located in between his butt and the tail. 

It sounds weird, but you have to clean that particular place to keep him safe from bacterial infections and skin rashes. 

Simply you can lift your Frenchie’s cute little tail part and clean the underneath area. Remember this is not his butthole. So do not hesitate to clean his tail pocket once a week. 

5 . Use Eye Drops Every Morning And Night

Using eye drops keeps your Frenchie’s eyes out of debris and dust. It is better if you can drop a few eye drops into his eyes every morning and night. 

Eye drops help to keep your Frenchie’s eyes healthy too. 

6 . Brush Your Frenchie Twice A Week

Regular brushing sessions are very important in keeping your Frenchie clean. 

It is better and more comfortable for your Frenchie if you can brush him once every two, or three days. French bulldogs indeed have short hair and their coat is not heavy. But, brushing is crucial as it removes dead hair and dust. 

Oh! You can use some essential oils as well if you want to.

How shiny and fashionable a well-brushed Frenchie is! 

7 . Make Sure Your Frenchie’s Toys Are Clean

Frenchies are usually chewing and biting their toys often. Therefore, all their toys should be kept clean all the time. 

Make sure to clean your Frenchie toys at the end of the day or at least twice a week. In that way, you can protect your Frenchie from consuming dirt and junk through toys. 

8 . Keep Your Frenchie Free From Ticks And Bugs

It is important to keep your Frenchie free from ticks and bugs that make them itch all the time. 

Remove ticks and bugs using recommended powder products and do not harm your Frenchie’s coat by trying to drag them from your hand. Keep him comfortable and safe from skin rashes that pop out as a result of tick bitings. 

Bonus tip: apart from all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, if you want to experience the touch of an ultra-clean Frenchie, you can clean the place he sleeps and all the pillows and mattresses too. 

Make sure his playpen or the crate is also clean and out of dust. 

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What You Should Know When Keeping Your French Bulldog Clean?

Your Frenchie’s health is your wealth. French bulldogs are often prone to allergy conditions and skin rashes as they have sensitive skin. Therefore, the best way to keep him safe is to clean him properly. 

In the cleaning procedure, you should be very careful and attentive using products such as shampoo, conditioners, eye drops, and tail pocket cleaners since French bulldogs are born with higher sensitivity. 

Always be gentle with the cleaning process as even a little mistake can damage his skin.

Anyway, keeping your Frenchie clean brings you happiness and he will be safe from ticks and bacterial infections while saying bye-bye to skin rashes too. Since Frenchies are the best apartment doggies they should be kept clean, neat, and tidy. 

Final Thoughts

The responsibility of keeping your Frenchie clean is all in your hands. So, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, you have to prioritize the cleanliness of your Frenchie. 

As you are well aware that French bulldogs are a highly sensitive breed who are much prone to bacterial infections, allergies, and skin problems, their cleanliness should be taken care of at the first point. 

Cheers till next time!

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