Are American Bulldogs Good For First Time Dog Owners? (Pros & Cons)

Are American Bulldogs Good For First Time Dog Owners

An American Bulldog- Is your top choice as a first-time dog owner? Then, beforehand you need to know everything about owning an American bully. Keep on reading and you won’t regret it. 

Are American bulldogs good for first-time dog owners? Well, it depends on several pros and cons. An American bulldogs gentleness, great companion with children, friendly with other animals, long lifespan, highly trainable and requires minimal grooming can be counted as pros. Cons are identified as expensive, regular maintenance, health issues, and need early socialization and training. 

Keep on reading and finally, you will decide whether to start your journey as a dog parent with an American bully. 

Why Are American Bulldogs Good For First-Time Owners? Here Are The Pros

Generally, American bulldogs are amazing pets when they are in the right hands. Before continuing with the pros of having an American bully as a first-time dog owner, I thought of sharing some extra facts about them. 

American bulldogs are intelligent and physically powerful breeds who require proper stimulation and socialization. Not everyone out there can own an American bulldog and especially if you are a first-time owner you have to think twice before continuing with an American bully. 

I will make the decision easy for you by providing some pros of owning an American bulldog as a first-time dog owner. 

1 . American Bulldogs Are Gentle Giants

One of the big misconceptions about American bullies is that they are aggressive and dangerous to have as pet dogs. But, trust me, do not judge them by their face which is filled with laziness and not with anger. 

American bullies are born to be their family’s best friends. Even Though their appearance shows you to be vicious and a serious watchdog, they are not. Instead, he will invite the outsiders or the strangers he encounters for a cup of tea. You will be surprised by their gentle and kind nature once you get one.  

They expect their owner to give them wet kisses and hundreds of hugs despite the factor of time. American bullies are cuddly dogs who follow you like a tail no matter where you go. 

Suppose it is clear to you by now why they are called gentle giants. 

2 . Brilliant Personality

American bullies are known for their personality. They are affectionate, friendly and intelligent at the same time. As a reason American bullies tend to over suspicious strangers.

When American bullies are socialized and well trained they are great family dogs and watchdogs. If you are in need of an active doggy who is more playful, an American bulldog will be an ideal match. But remember that they need more space to burn their energy off and if this requirement is missing they might grow aggressive and destructive too.

3 . Great With Kiddos

Despite the common belief that American bullies do not get along well with kids, they are one of the best and most tolerating dog breeds to spend time with. 

American bullies never mind even if your kid climbs on to him and plays like a crazy nut. They are super patient with kids. 

4 . Get Along Well With Other Animals

American bullies are social dogs by nature. If you already have some other pets at home, you do not need to worry when adding an American bully to your army since they build up friendships easily with other animals. 

If you socialize with an American bully, he will love to stay around people and other animals. 

5. They Are In Four Sizes

American bullies come in four different sizes for you to choose from. If you are a first-time dog owner and your top choice is an American bully you have to be logical when selecting a maintainable size. 

There are four different sizes for this breed and you do not need to worry as you got a choice to make. 

  • Pocket Variant      13-17 inches   
  • Standard Size    16 – 21 inches
  • Classic Size         16 – 21 inches 
  • Axle Or Extra-Large Size    19 – 23 inches

The classic size American bullies are the same size as the standard size and the one notable difference is they are not much muscular and have narrow frames compared to the other three sizes. 

So, you can easily choose a suitable size that is friendly to your wallet as well.

6 . Have A Long Lifespan

If you want a four-legged buddy who has a long lifespan, an American bully will be a good choice. But you should take care of his health regularly and as long as you stay on alert, an American bully can live for 10 – 13 years. 

An American bully is a lifelong companion. 

7 . Highly Trainable

As you might know, American bullies are the most active dogs in the world. Therefore, they require more stimulation and it should be spread mentally and physically. 

They are highly trainable and you will have a good and obedient doggy at the end. If you train an American bully with positive reinforcement techniques such as favorite treats, food rewards, increased play time, and lovely praises you will notice how obedient and easy to train him. 

8 . Requires Minimal Amount Of Grooming

Do you know that American bullies require a minimal amount of grooming? Yes, American bulldogs do not need hours of grooming and if you are looking for a doggy that does not need extensive grooming, an American bully is ideal. 

Since they have a short coat and also as they are not having an undercoat, grooming sessions will be much shorter and saves your time too. 

You just need to brush him once a week but make sure he is kept warm during winter as they can feel the cold easily since their coat is short. 

Why American Bulldogs Aren’t Good First-Time Dogs? Here Are The Cons

As well as the pros explained above, owning an American bully as a first-time dog owner can have its cons as well. 

1 . American Bullies Are Expensive

If you are planning to buy an American bully you should consider a lot about your economic stability. Yes, American bullies are much more expensive compared to other breeds. 

On average an American bully pup cost around $2,000 – $7,000 which can be considered a huge amount. Moreover, these prices can be changed depending on the purpose you are buying them. Some people tend to buy an American bully as a pet and some as a show dog or for breeding. 

Not only is his buying cost but the maintenance is also expensive. American bulldogs are much more prone to health issues and you have to pay vet bills often purchasing medications is also not easy to bear. 

Simply, to keep an American bully healthy you should spend a lot of money. 

2 . Need Regular Maintenance

As mentioned earlier as well, an American bully is a much more expensive breed to upkeep. Though they have a long lifespan they are often prone to diseases. 

Some of the most common health problems an American bully might have:

  •   Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  •   Demodectic Mange
  •   Atopy
  •   Cerebellar Abiotrophy 
  •   Cataracts
  •   Retinal Atrophy
  •   Cleft Palate or Lip
  •   Hyperthyroidism 
  •   Congenital Heart Failures

So an American bully needs to be taken to the vet regularly to keep him safe and sound from the above health conditions. For that, you need to spend more. 

3 . Need Early Socialization

Even Though American bullies are not aggressive by nature, they can start walking off the track when they are not properly socialized and trained. 

You need a considerable amount of time to train an American bully since they are very energetic and strong. So, before choosing an American bully as a first-time dog owner you should make sure that you have enough time for his training sessions. 

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More Tips For Owning A American Bulldog As A First Dog

  • Always keep in your mind that an American bully needs a strong owner. You as the owner should be the alpha among you two. The more dominant you are, the more he will become obedient. Remember not by punishing.
  • If you are going to have an American bully as a first-time dog owner you should be more attentive regarding his diet. Since they are often prone to health problems, you should be careful when feeding them. 
  • Provided him with a necessary amount of exercise to stop him from being bored and destructive. 
  • Try spending more time with him if you have decided to take care of him as your pup since American bulldogs love to be around their owner all the time. 
  • Do not be surprised by their clinginess and train him well not to be friendly with thieves as well. 


Owning an American bully as a first time dog owner might be a challenge. You will have to struggle more during training sessions and when your American bully is going nuts from time to time. But, trust me you will not regret having an American bully as they are also much adorable as other dog breeds. 

Do not get deceived by their face which is overfilled with wrinkles and looks dangerous. They make amazing doggos. Choose wisely! 

Cheers till we meet again!

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