Can French Bulldogs Eat Ice Cream? Must Know This!

Can French Bulldogs Eat Ice Cream

French bulldogs and Ice cream – seem so sweet together. They always love just a lick of your ice cream. But is it safe? 

Can French bulldogs eat ice cream? It is better if you can keep your Frenchie out of ice cream. Generally, ice cream contains toxic ingredients for French bulldogs and causes food allergies. Obesity and lactose intolerance are also two major reasons not to feed ice cream to your Frenchie. 

I know that you can’t avoid those begging eyes of your Frenchie craving for a lick from your cone. But, read the article and you will recognize the importance of neglecting his ice cream craving eyes for his good. Let’s dig in!

Can French Bulldogs Have Ice Cream?

It can be harmful to your Frenchie to eat ice cream since it contains toxic ingredients such as Xylitol (Sweetener) and also ice cream are high-sugar products that can easily lead to obesity. 

Especially chocolate ice cream and ice cream with macadamia nuts are not recommended for Frenchies since they are highly allergic. 

Why Can’t French Bulldogs Eat Ice Cream?

Even Though French bulldogs and ice cream are photogenic together, it is not a good idea to let him gobble it. They love ice cream and you know how they crave a single lick. But, here’s why your loving Frenchie can’t have ice cream and why should not feed him Such a sweet-looking treat. 

1 . Toxic Ingredients

Ice cream contains toxic flavors which are allergic to French bulldogs. Especially the artificial sweetener Xylitol and Caffeine-containing chocolate ice cream varieties are not a good choice at all. 

Never give your Frenchie ice cream that contains any chocolate form such as Chunks, Swirls, Sauce, or Chips as they can cause chocolate toxicity which leads to having:

  •   Diarrhea
  •   Restlessness
  •   Vomiting
  •   Increased Urination
  •   Panting

High levels of caffeine can cause your Frenchie to experience seizures and collapses too. When it overdoses even death can happen. Can you imagine how critical your Frenchie eating ice cream is? 

On one hand, ice cream varieties containing macadamia nuts, raisins and espresso are also not sound safe for French bulldogs. Eating such ice cream varieties can cause him:

  •   Hyperthermia
  •   Muscle Tremors
  •   Lethargy
  •   Hind Limb Weakness

2 . Lactose Intolerance

Dogs’ bodies including Frenchies too are not designed to digest dietary products. After the time of weaning, they do not produce much lactase.

As a result, Frenchies are unable to digest milk products such as ice cream. Having ice cream means your Frenchie has to face stomach aches, bloating, constipation, and even pancreatitis. 

3 . Cause Obesity

Ice cream contains high sugar levels and sugar is always bad for your Frenchie. It might result in gaining weight and eventually, he will suffer from obesity. 

A single scoop of ice cream contains a lot of calories and do not ever think that a single lick will be fine for him. 

You are fully aware that a French bulldog is more prone to health problems when compared with other breeds. So, be thoughtful about feeding ice cream to your fellow. 

4 . Food Allergies

French bulldogs are usually exposed to more allergy conditions since they have sensitive skin. As ice cream is a milk product the proteins contained in it can react in a critical manner. 

The condition might lead to having:

  •   Diarrhea
  •   Skin Rashes
  •   Redness

What Are The Unsafe Ingredients In Ice Cream For French Bulldogs?

  •   Xylitol
  •   Caffeine
  •   Theobromine
  •   Macadamia Nuts
  •   Raisins
  •   Coffee Beans

How Can You Safely Serve Ice Cream To Your French Bulldog?

Well, if there’s no way to neglect your Frenchie’s begging eyes which are so helpless without their favorite treat, you can try following the steps to serve some ice cream scoops in a safe manner. 

Always choose fruit-flavored ice cream and plain vanilla is also a safe choice. 

Give your Frenchie only the ice cream varieties that do not contain xylitol, chocolate, macadamia nuts, and coffee beans. 

Do not feed him a whole bowl of ice cream and always give him small scoops or a lick or two just to keep him happy. 

You can try some homemade ice cream which is specifically designed for your little Frenchie with puréing bananas, a bit of yogurt, and 1 or 2 spoons of peanut butter which do not contain Xylitol. Mix them all and freeze. Trust me your Frenchie will enjoy it to the fullest. 

Do not worry if your buddy rejects the above recipe, one of the following cool treats might work. 

  •   Chicken Broth with Low-Sodium
  •   Fruit mixed with Yogurt
  •   Dog food and Peanut Butter
  •   Plain Canned Pumpkin

Fill your ice cube tray with one of the above-mentioned mixtures and let it freeze. 

Then feed your Frenchie little by little and stay for his reaction. If it is positive, his problem of having ice cream is solved in a nutritious manner. 

At the same time ensure that he is not showing any symptoms of Diarrhea or Vomiting. 

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What Kinds Of Ice Cream Can French Bulldogs Eat?

Your Frenchie can eat any of the above homemade ice creams or cool treats which they tend to think of as ice cream. It is not about deceiving or cheating on them. It is all about their health. 

Can French Bulldogs Eat Vanilla Ice Cream?

Ice cream is not a dog-friendly treat but one or two bites of vanilla ice cream might not harm your Frenchie. But make sure he is not lactose intolerant. 

Vanilla ice cream also contains high sugar and Xylitol which are not safe for French bulldogs. 

Can French Bulldogs Eat Strawberry Ice Cream?

Strawberry-flavored homemade ice cream does not cause any harm to your Frenchie. But, strawberry ice cream available in supermarkets is not good for French bulldogs since it contains the same toxic ingredients. 

Can French Bulldogs Eat Ice Lollies?

Ice lollies are also not good for the health of French bulldogs. But, it does not matter as much as having ice cream. But still, it is unhealthy. 

Ice lollies also contain high sugar and frozen treats can sometimes cause stomach aches and other digestive problems too. 

Can French Bulldog Puppies Have Ice Cream?

French Bulldog puppies also tend to have more health problems and feeding them ice cream is not a good idea. It can lead them to face critical conditions since pups are not like adult Frenchies. So, the risk is higher. 

The toxic ingredients in ice cream can result negatively on Frenchie pups too. So, it is better to go for other treats which are enriched with nutrition. 

Train him not to eat unhealthy food from puppyhood. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, there are hundreds of cute images and photographs of Frenchies having colorful and magical plates of ice cream. But it is not as sweet as it appears. 

Try your best to keep your Frenchie away from ice cream and motivate him to have homemade frozen treats filled with high nutrition. A healthy Frenchie, a happy you! 

Adieu till next time.

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