How Much is a Lilac French Bulldog Worth? The Price of Elegance

How much is a lilac French bulldog

This article answers your questions and offers in-depth details regarding the various factors affecting the cost of lilac French Bulldogs. We review some important factors that affect their price, including genetics, ancestry, pedigree, breeder reputation, and demand. Knowing these criteria can help you negotiate the pricing environment and make intelligent choices when looking for a purple French Bulldog. So, In this article, we will be discussing” How much is a lilac French bulldog”.

We also look at the unique qualities of lilac French Bulldogs, offering insight into their temperament, health issues, and maintenance needs. This aims to offer extensive knowledge to improve your understanding and appreciation of lilac French Bulldogs, whether you’re a potential owner or simply a fan of this unusual color variety. So, In this article, we will be discussing about” How much is a lilac French bulldog”.

How Can You Tell If A French Bulldog Is A Lilac?

Their coat color most readily recognizes Lilac French Bulldogs. The diluted coat color of lilac French bulldogs can range from light silver to pastel lavender. The “d” gene, more commonly referred to as the dilution gene, causes the dilution. The dilution alters how pigment is made, giving the lilac color a distinctive tint.

French Bulldogs with lilac coats often have lighter-colored noses. Their noses can have a variety of colors, from a soft gray to a faint pinkish tone. The dilution gene impacts the pigmentation in the nose, which is responsible for the lighter nose color. Compared with alternative French Bulldog color variations, lilac French Bulldogs frequently have eyes that are lighter in color. Their eyes, which can be pale blue, gray, or greenish-gray, add to the lilac aspect they already have.

DNA testing can yield reliable results for the conclusive confirmation of a dog’s color genetics, including letting you know whether a French Bulldog is lilac. Genetic tests can validate the dog’s color and reveal the presence of the dilution gene.

Working with trustworthy breeders who can offer adequate documentation, pedigrees, and transparency on the dog’s color genetics is crucial when pondering buying or adopting a lilac French Bulldog. To support the lilac color, they ought not to be able to offer evidence or divulge the findings of DNA testing.

Is Lilac A Rare Dog Color? 

Lilac is a rare dog color, and French Bulldogs are no exception. Due to the pigmentation’s dilution, dogs with the dilution gene have a lilac coat color. The production of eumelanin, the pigment responsible for the black and brown hues in a dog’s coat, is impacted by this dilution gene. The result is a lighter shade of the coat’s color, ranging from pale lavender to silvery-white, giving it a distinctive lilac appearance.

Lilac canines, such as lilac French Bulldogs, are uncommon because of the unique gene combinations needed to produce this coloring. Both parents must possess the dilution gene to pass it on to their children. To create lilac puppies, breeders carefully choose and mate dogs with suitable genetic makeup, which adds to the restricted supply and increased demand for these distinctively colored canines. Their scarcity may also impact pricing for lilac French Bulldogs. Compared to coat colors with more widespread availability, they may cost more due to their distinctive color.

How Much Is A Lilac French Bulldog Worth?

A lilac French Bulldog’s price can vary widely depending on variables, including the dog’s pedigree, genetics, the breeder’s reputation, location, and market. It’s crucial to remember that lilac French Bulldogs often cost substantially more than dogs with more prevalent coat colors due to their rarity and recognition. A lilac French bulldog has been known to fetch up to $50,000 from some buyers, although they usually go for approximately $6,500.

The lineage quality, the reputation and expertise of the breeder, the parents’ health clearances, and any additional characteristics or qualities that add to the dog’s total worth can all impact the price. It’s necessary to stress that prioritizing the dog’s health, welfare, and ethical breeding procedures is critical when buying a lilac French Bulldog or any other dog. Find trustworthy breeders who put the health of their dogs first, offer all the necessary paperwork, and are open about the dog’s pedigree, health clearances, and genetic testing.

Dealing with people or suppliers who guarantee disproportionately low costs or make exaggerated guarantees is not a good idea. These could be signs of unethical breeding procedures or possible health issues with the dog.

Are Lilac French Bulldogs Expensive Compared To Other Bulldogs?

 Comparing the purchase price of lilac French Bulldogs with comparable dogs with different coat colors, the breed is generally more expensive. Lilac French Bulldogs command higher amounts due to their scarcity and strong demand.

Dog enthusiasts and collectors prize them because of their distinctive and eye-catching coat color and the genetic composition needed to generate the lilac tint. A lilac French Bulldog’s price varies greatly depending on some variables, including lineage, pedigree, genetics, breeder reputation, and location.

Price can also be impacted by the bloodline’s quality, medical clearances, and any other desirable attributes. Lilac French Bulldogs can range more than other coat colors, but it’s vital to remember that money should not be the only criterion used to select a dog. Prioritizing the dog’s health, welfare, and moral breeding practices is part of responsible dog ownership. It is advised to work with trustworthy breeders who put their dogs’ care first, offers the necessary paperwork, and are open about the dog’s pedigree and health checks.

Are Lilac French Bulldogs Expensive Compared To Other Bulldogs?

Why Are Lilac Frenchies So Expensive?

Due to their scarcity and high demand, Lilac French Bulldogs are frequently pricey. Their high price is caused by various factors, including:

  1. Due to the particular genetic combinations that gave rise to their distinctive coat color, Lilac French Bulldogs are thought to have become rare. Both parents must carry and pass on the dilution gene to create lilac offspring. Collectors and dog enthusiasts highly seek them due to their rarity.
  2. Selecting and mating dogs with the right genetic makeup is important when breeding lilac French Bulldogs. Responsible breeders put forth a lot of time, effort, and knowledge to ensure healthy litter with desirable qualities. The pricey method of selective breeding involves monitoring and controlling particular genetic combinations.
  3. Among lovers of French Bulldogs, the striking lilac coat color has seen a major increase in popularity. Due to a low supply and strong demand, lilac French Bulldogs are more expensive. A dog with such a striking and in-demand coat color will fetch a high price from many prospective owners.
  4. Prices for puppies are frequently higher at legitimate breeders who prioritize their dogs’ health, happiness, and moral breeding procedures. These breeders spend money on genetic testing, health clearances, adequate care, and socialization of their dogs, which raises the price of producing lilac French Bulldogs that are healthy and well-rounded.
  5. The cost of responsibly breeding a lilac French Bulldog, including veterinary care, genetic testing, immunizations, excellent food, and suitable living facilities for the dogs, may also be included in the purchase cost of the dog.

How Long Do Lilac French Bulldogs Live?

The average lifespan of a Lilac French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years, which is comparable to that of other French Bulldogs. Prioritizing a lilac French Bulldog’s or any dog’s well-being is essential to ensuring they can live long and healthy lives. This includes feeding them a nutritious, nutritious diet, exercising regularly to maintain a healthy weight, bringing them in for routine veterinarian checkups and immunizations, giving them preventive care for parasites, and attending to their mental and emotional needs.

In addition, regardless of the color of their coat, French Bulldogs are susceptible to several prevalent illnesses. Skin allergies, hip dysplasia, problems with the eyes, spinal disorders, and brachycephalic syndrome may be present. A purple French Bulldog’s entire quality of life can be managed and enhanced with routine veterinary attention and early identification of potential health problems.

What Are Other Rare French Bulldog Colors?


French Bulldogs with blue coats have a diluted grayish-blue hue to their fur. It results from the black pigmentation being diluted. The colors of blue French Bulldogs can range from a light silver-blue to a darker steel-blue hue.

Chocolate Brown

The expression of the brown gene results in the deep brown coat color of chocolate French Bulldogs. The tint of brown can be anything from pale cocoa to a bar of dark chocolate.


The distinctive and eye-catching coat pattern of Merle French Bulldogs is made up of patches or speckles of diluted pigmentation over a base coat color. The merle pattern can appear in various hues, such as blue, chocolate, and lilac merles.


French Bulldogs with the name Isabella, or “lilac” French Bulldogs, have diluted coat colors that range from light silver to pastel lavender. The dilution, which gives the color its distinctive lilac hue, is brought on by the presence of the dilution gene.

Black and Tan

French Bulldogs with black and tan coats resemble Rottweilers or Doberman Pinschers in coat color patterns. Their coat is mostly black with tan patterns on the face, chest, legs, and eyebrows, among other places.

Different Types Of French Bulldog Price Chart

Color Price Recognized by the AKC?
Brindle $4,000 Yes
Brindle & White $4,000 Yes
Cream $5,000 Yes
Fawn $5,000 Yes
Fawn & White $5,000 Yes
Fawn Brindle & White $5,000 Yes
Grey and White $5,000 Yes
Isabella $6,500+ No
Lilac $6,500 No
Merle $6,500 No
Fluffy $11,000+ No

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