What is a Platinum French Bulldog? (Care, Training, Health Considerations & More)

what is a platinum french bulldog

So, what is a platinum French bulldog? We know you are wondering the answer to this question; a thorough one. Let’s discuss this in today’s article.

The deviation of the original Frenchie transformed into a dainty and elegant creature filled with love, and amiability is the best definition for a platinum French bulldog. This alteration of the French bulldog breed is an atypical existence, which is also remarked by an unimaginable price point.

We will discuss the exact way of identifying such a rare diamond among the familiar faces of French bulldogs. Moreover, the discussion will also be directed towards this rare breed’s unique genetic combination. This conversation will unlock the value ranges of these platinum Frenchies while leading you to reputable breeders of this golden alteration.

How Do you Know If a Frenchie is Platinum?

Identifying a platinum French bulldog can be an unyielding obstacle, as there can be confusion made when trying to identify a platinum Frenchie without the proper knowledge of these little guys. Therefore, comprehending a platinum Frenchie’s unique physical features will bring you success in the long run. Thus here are some tips for identifying a platinum Frenchie.

  • First and foremost, the coating colour of the platinum Frenchie is a cream colour recognized as “platinum” in its name.
  • Then you must look for diluted skin-coloured patches in the Frenchy’s coating as their genes also gift them a combinational cream colour.
  • Moreover, the most unique feature of a platinum Frenchie is the diluted skin colour around the eyes, nose and paws.

These are the most significant physical features of a platinum French bulldog. However, you might be deceived by a cream bulldog with the name tag “platinum French bulldog”. The colours of both dogs can be identical. Therefore you must be extra cautious when looking for platinum Frenchies in the market of breeders. Note that the cream Frenchies have a black rim around their eyes, and their nose and paws are black, while the platinum nose and feet seem to adopt a pinkish shade.

What is the Unique Coat Colour and Appearance of a Platinum French Bulldog?

There are quite a few unique coat colours for a platinum Frenchie according to the degree of its genetic exhibition. Thus the few and far-between genes will make the most exquisite coloured coating for a platinum French bulldog. Within this segment, we will discuss some of those rare genes causing magnificent coats of fur.

The primary coloured coating is cream colour that almost resonates with vanilla ice cream with the rosy undertone of its nose, ears and paws. However, this radiant can also exist between the shades of white and the apricot colour.

One of the rare coloured coatings is the blue coat, inherited with the exhibition of the blue gene without any other recessive gene. This blue shade consists of a greyish undertone as well.

The combination of all the shades that we mentioned above invents a new shade of platinum. The French bulldog is the rarest shade of platinum Frenchies that exist.

What is the Genetic Background and Iinheritance of the Platinum Coat Colour in French Bulldogs?

The history of these exquisite little creatures dates back to the infinity of time, where the exact dates are nowhere to be found. However, if we are to start their chapter anew, the great grand aunt and the uncle of the Frenchie are a crucial part of this tale of a dog. This dates back to the Greeks, specifically the tribe called Molossians, who needed larger-sized dogs to work and fight. As a result of this requirement, the breed known as the Molossus breed was introduced to the world.

This breed deviated into many subfamilies, including the family of Bullenbeissers, who were used for the sanguinary sport well known at the time as: “bull baiting”. This sport was brutal, and later exiled from playing in 1853. This initiated crossing the Bullenbeissers with other dog breeds, most often with the dog breed terriers with a more minor physical appearance. The new species of the Platinum Frenchies came into life in England, and with many people travelling to France, the dog also travelled to Europe and France. Then the French quarters paid great attention to the breed and originated its name into the little pup Platinum French bulldog.

What is a Platinum French Bulldog Worth?

The novelty and the elegance of the platinum French bulldog make its value go beyond the walls as the rarity of the gene exhibition is lavished by the breeders so that the Frenchies are given a high price tag with the peculiarity of its genetic performance. Thus the price ranges become extravagant for a dog. However, the price tag is accurate, considering the breed’s rarity. Therefore now we will see the price tags of these little pups.

A platinum Frenchie may cost $5000+, while its types may cost much more than the original Platinum Frenchie. Those price tags are as follows.

  • Isabella platinum Frenchie costs $12000+
  • New shade platinum Frenchie costs $15000+
  • Platinum Merle Frenchie costs $10000+
  • Fluffy platinum French bulldog cost $15000+
  • Fluffy merle platinum French bulldog may cost approximately $50,000+

These price ranges are the usual price tags of French bulldogs regarding rare genetic imperfections.

Why are Platinum Frenchies So Expensive

Why are Platinum Frenchies So Expensive?

As we mentioned earlier, a platinum Frenchie can cost a fortune. Hence, you might be pondering your own thought, thinking about the reasons behind such a price value for a dog breed. Note that this dog breed is unlike any other species; this is one of the rarest breeds in the world, with the most adorable physical features. Thence, we will discuss the facts affecting this price point of platinum Frenchies.

There are many reasons behind such extravagant price tags given to the platinum French bulldogs,

  1. The gender of the platinum French bulldog
  2. Origin location of the Frenchie and the buyer
  3. The state the standard of the breeder(terms and conditions)
  4. Colour and the pattern of the platinum Frenchie
  5. The genetic importance and the rarity of the platinum Frenchie.

Are Platinum French Bulldogs Suitable for Families?

A platinum Frenchie is an angle born from diluted genes that give the angle a look of a diamond. However, this genetic peculiarity did not allow the Frenchie to be 100% healthy and active. This breed is more prone to many diseases.

Therefore the platinum French bulldog is a less aggravated dog that needs much more resting and proper taking care. However, as the dog is much more prone to many diseases, the dog most often pays a considerable liking to layaway and stay low-key, unlike the original French bulldog.

Therefore this breed is most often known as a kind-hearted, less-tempered, less anxious and amiable pet. Therefore most families with elderly people and infants in their household seek to purchase these pups as the attention-seeking feature of the dog is less.

The dog is a low-key pup who needs proper care to be an appropriate companion.

The calm nature of this Frenchie more often calms and keeps the elders free of stress and the toddlers warm and fuzzy under the protection of the Frenchie. Thence finally, it is evident that platinum bulldogs are 100% compatible with family living conditions.

Where Can you Find Reputable Breeders or Adoption Options for French Bulldogs?

There are many ways to purchase a pup. Those ways are,

  • Buying a puppy from a professional breeder who knows the science behind breeding the Frenchie.
  • Then there are puppy mills which would be a worse choice to make as these people give the worst treatment to their animals in tiny cages without a proper supply of food or water.
  • Then comes the dog breeders as a hobby, who give a similar quality to the professional breeders when it comes to the outcome

Now we will present you with some options if you are open to adopting a Frenchie. These locations will suffice your needs and your desire for a French bulldog.

  1. French Bulldog Rescue Network – Connecticut
  2. French Bulldog Village – Pennsylvania
  3. Short Nose and Friends United Rescue Midwest
  4. Short Nose Only Rescue Team – New Jersey
  5. Short Mugs Rescue Squad – Texas

Watch this video to get more info,

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