Meet the Isabella French Bulldog: A Distinctive and Desirable Companion

What is an Isabella French Bulldog

In this article, we will answer your question, what is an Isabella French Bulldog? You may be getting your first pet, and you’re searching for the greatest details concerning it. Or you may be trying to determine what an Isabella French Bulldog is.

Whatever your question, here is a definitive reference to the adorable Isabella French Bulldog, which covers the breed’s appearance, size, care requirements, feeding recommendations, and additional information.

Let’s begin by identifying an Isabella French Bulldog specifically.

What is the Isabelle French Bulldog Breed?

A distinctive and much-desired colour variation of the French Bulldog is the Isabella. Isabella French Bulldogs are immediately recognized and highly loved by dog enthusiasts worldwide thanks to their distinctive fawn-coloured coats and blue-grey tint.

However, Isabella French Bulldogs are renowned due to their amiable and caring temperament, making them popular pets and companions in addition to their remarkable appearance. French Bulldogs were first developed as companion dogs in the 1800s in England and France when they quickly gained popularity among the affluent.

The adoring and lively traits of French Bulldogs have made them a beloved breed today. Isabella French Bulldogs are a rare and coveted variation of this popular breed, distinguished from various French Bulldog variants by their distinctive coat colour.

How Do I Know If My French Bulldog is Isabella?

English Bulldogs have a characteristic colour because of a recessive dilution gene in Isabella. For the light brown-greyish colouration to manifest, a puppy needs to receive an identical version of the recessive gene from each of its parents. DNA testing is the sole approach for determining if your French Bulldog is genuinely a full Isabella.

Nevertheless, there are two physical characteristics that you can look for when determining if someone is truly an Isabella Frenchie. The simplest way is to determine their colour. As mentioned, Isabella French bulldogs have a light brown, almost grey, coat. And second, their sizes are big. Compared to the typical Frenchie, Isabella Frenchies can frequently be on the smaller side.

Other Names Bulldog Francés Isabella, Isabella Frenchie
Size Small
Purity Purebred
Purpose Companion dog
AKC Recognition Yes
Weight  17 – 28 pounds 
Height  11 – 13 inches 
Coat Colors  Light brown 
Separation Anxiety High
Child Friendliness High
Canine Friendliness Moderate 
Training Difficulty Moderate
Grooming Upkeep Moderate
Exercise Needs Low
Health Moderate 
Lifespan 10 – 12 years 
Puppy Costs  $8,000 – $11,000

How Does the Isabella French Bulldog Differ from Other French Bulldog Variations?

Even though they relate to various hues of diluted colouring, the phrases “lilac” and “isabella” are used to designate a specific coat colour variant in French Bulldogs. Lilac French Bulldogs have coats that are a diluted version of chocolate brown, which provides them with a light brown or grey appearance. Another name for this hue is “champagne.” A recessive dilution gene that inhibits melanin synthesis causes lilac colouring. On the other hand, An Isabella French Bulldog has a diluted fawn coat with a blue-grey hue.

Additionally, a recessive dilution gene that influences melanin synthesis is the cause of the Isabella colour. The standard description of the Isabella hue is a light brown or fawn shade with a silvery or blue-grey undertone. Lilac and Isabella Frenchies have consequently developed various coat colour variations, even if neither derives from dilution genes that affect coat colour. It’s important to consider that lilac, and Isabella puppies are relatively uncommon and in considerable demand, which renders them occasionally slightly more costly than other French Bulldog colour variants.

How Does the Isabella French Bulldog Differ from Other French Bulldog Variations?

What are the Unique Characteristics of an Isabella French Bulldog?

The “Isabella” in Isabella French Bulldogs is the name of that specific French Bulldog variety’s distinctive coat colour. A fawn-coloured coat with a blue-grey tint results from Isabella, a weak colour gene that inhibits melanin production. Other names for this hue include “lilac” and “lavender.” The name Isabella is linked with this particular breed variant because Isabella is a rare and desirable colour combination.

Isabella Frenchies are petite and compact, with a muscular physique and a flat face, just like all French Bulldogs. They usually measure 11 to 12 inches tall at their shoulders and weigh between 16 and 28 pounds. They are an increasingly common option for people looking for a low-maintenance pet because of their short, smooth coats requiring little upkeep.

The Isabella French Bulldog has been distinguished not just by its striking look but also by its amiable and pleasant nature. They unconditionally love and adore their owners, frequently pursuing them and those vying for their attention. French Bulldogs from Isabella are known for their energetic personalities and enjoy games like fetch.

Are there Any Health Concerns Specific to Isabella French Bulldog?

Isabella, general well-being of French Bulldogs with light coat colour variations is unaffected by their colour. It’s crucial to remember that French Bulldogs, in broad terms, regardless of the colour of their coats, are susceptible to various health problems. The brachycephalic structure of French Bulldogs makes them more prone to heat intolerance. A spinal disorder called IVDD may affect French Bulldogs. The discs between the vertebrae deteriorate or herniate in this medical condition, which can cause back discomfort, compression of the nerves, and difficulties with movement.


Why are Isabella Frenchies so expensive?

Due to their limited availability, Isabella or Lilac French Bulldogs are frequently more expensive than French Bulldogs with more common coat hues. The fawn or cream colours are typical of French Bulldogs and are thought to be a slight variation on the Isabella or Lilac coat colour.

Bering French Bulldogs called Isabella or Lilac can be more difficult because it calls for carefully choosing and mating canines with the right genetic makeup. Breeders need a solid grasp of genetics to produce puppies with the right coat colour.

Additionally, because of their distinctive and eye-catching look, Isabella or Lilac French Bulldogs are frequently in higher demand. The price may increase because many individuals are drawn to their distinctive coat colour and seek them out particularly. It would be best if you kept in mind that the dog’s health, temperament, and overall well-being should always come first when considering buying a French Bulldog, even one with an unusual coat colour.

What is the rarest French Bulldog, Isabella?

The term ” Isabella ” is occasionally used When referring to a particular coat colour variant in French Bulldogs, which is a diluted version of the fawn or cream colours, the term “Isabella” is occasionally used. It’s crucial to remember that no one accepted the “rarest” Isabella French Bulldog, and terminology and naming methods for coat colours in French Bulldogs might differ. The French Bulldog breed can have a wide range of coat colours due to different gene combinations and variances.

Isabella or Lilac French Bulldogs are considered somewhat uncommon compared to the more predominant coat colours. However, the rarity can also depend upon particular tints or variants within the Isabella colour spectrum. Demand, breeder availability, and geographic location are all elements that could influence the rarity of Isabella French Bulldogs. Specific shades or variations throughout the Isabella colour spectrum may be the focus of some breeders’ breeding strategies, which they might tailor specifically for the production of Isabella French Bulldogs.

How much is Isabella French Bulldog?

8,000-11,000 USDs. An Isabella French Bulldog’s price may fluctuate greatly depending on various variables. The unique appearance of an Isabella French Bulldog is one aspect that may affect the price. Since the Isabella French Bulldogs are a somewhat unusual colour variant, they can be more in demand and cost more.

The selling price may also be impacted by the fact that Isabella French Bulldogs may be sought more by people interested in presenting their dogs because of their distinctive appearance. In general, a boy Isabella French Bulldog, puppy costs between $8,990 and USD 9,990 from, while a girl puppy costs between $9,990 and USD 10,990.

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