How To Take Care Of Frenchie Face? (For Beginners)

How To Take Care Of Frenchie Face

How cute and adorable a Frenchie’s(French Bulldog’s) face is? They are uniquely cuter with a pack of wrinkles too. But that is the exact same reason you should take more care of your Frenchie’s face. 

How to take care of Frenchie’s face? You should clean your Frenchie’s face at least once a day using wet wipes, a cleaning solution and a moisturizer since all the time he eats and drinks, bacteria tend to party inside the wrinkles and folds while causing infections and irritations. 

I have shared how I clean my Frenchie’s face and we’ll discuss how often it should be done and what products you can use in the mission. Here we go!

How To Wash A French Bulldog’s Face?

Washing your Frenchie’s face is a procedure of 3 easy steps until he turns into a beast. I think I do not need to mention the reason as you know about it very well. 

Frenchies do not like washing and cleaning their face the same as all the other dog breeds. Literally, they do not prefer water on their face, especially around the nose. But, anyhow you should keep his face clean and bacteria-free. 

Let’s see how I clean my Frenchie balls face in simple 3 steps. 

  1. Take a clean and moist washcloth and gently remove all the dirt and debris, especially between the wrinkles. Make sure to take care of deep wrinkles and folds since those can contain a lot of bacteria. 
  2. Then you want to remove the moisture from his face. So, take a soft, clean, and dry towel and gently rub all the face area and make sure wrinkles are super dry without any moisture.
  3.  Finally, apply some wrinkle cream to make him soothing and comfortable. Then you are done!

Yes, I have targeted majorly on cleaning wrinkles when taking care of your Frenchie’s face since clean and debris-free wrinkles mean a clean and tidy face.

How Often Should You Clean Your French Bulldog’s Face?

Is your Frenchie a messy eater? Or is he fond of drinking more juices? Then no matter what food or drinks, you should take good care of his face. 

I am highlighting this point because all the time your Frenchie eats or drinks, his wrinkles and folds get filled with food particles, moisture, and debris. Then as a result they automatically become dens of bacteria. That’s why it is important to clean his face often. 

But, how often? 

According to veterinarians, a Frenchie’s face should be cleaned at least once a day. But, this can depend upon your Frenchie. 

If your Frenchie always eats without any care for his face, he needs more cleaning rounds. But, if you own a Frenchie who is not a foodie, he might need only a single face-cleaning session for a week. But, make sure his folds and wrinkles are debris free every day. 

Always remember that a regular clean of your Frenchie’s face keeps him safe from skin irritations caused by different bacteria. Therefore, understand the importance of taking care of Frenchie’s face. 

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What Can You Use To Clean A French Bulldog’s Face?

If you are a caring Frenchie parent, you won’t regret having the below-mentioned list around you when taking care of your cutie’s face. But, keep in mind to use the mildest versions of the products since French bulldogs are easily prone to skin irritations. 

  • A mild dog shampoo
  • A dog cleanser
  • Saline solution
  • Wet wipes
  • Cotton balls
  • A dry towel
  • A moisturizer – Vaseline, aloe gel
  • Wrinkle balm 

You can find the above list of products and other needed items without having to spend a lot. 

Remember to add a tear stain remover too since keeping your Frenchie’s face clean means you should take care of his eyes too. It is of utmost importance to choose mild and soft products and make sure those are not causing skin rashes or other irritations. 

Tips To Take Care Of French Bulldogs Face Clean And Healthy

  • Always use alcohol-free wet wipes since your Frenchie’s skin is more sensitive and alcohol can cause damage to his eyes. 
  • Most commonly, wiping down your Frenchie’s face with a cloth dipped in warm water is ideal. But, if simply the water is not enough to clean off his dirt, you can use a mild shampoo. 
  • Make sure the clothes used to clean are well-cleaned and bacteria-free. Because bacteria in unclean clothes can get together with bacteria in your Frenchie’s face making his skin a complete mess. That’s why you should make sure that all the clothes are well-cleaned and dried before use. 
  • Remember not to get his eyes soaked with shampoo or any saline solution you use as it can even cause blindness. Suppose you are well aware that your Frenchie’s eyes are how they should be taken care of. French bulldogs are often caused by eye diseases and they are much more prone to eye infections too.  
  • Do not leave the moisture between his wrinkles and folds, make sure the areas are well dry after cleaning. 
  • Finally, use a moisturizer or a wrinkle balm to give a soothing finish to your Frenchie’s face. This is a trick you must follow to maintain the moisture and the health of your Frenchie’s face. 

Remember that you should be very careful when taking care of your Frenchie’s face since it is the hardest area to clean with all the wrinkles and folds. For outsiders, your Frenchie’s face is a cute bag. But for you, it is a big responsibility as you should keep the area always clean and healthy. 

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Final Thoughts

I know how struggling a Frenchie is when cleaning his face. His drama goes on like you are taking him to a slaughterhouse. But, be tricky and keep his attention elsewhere to clean his face very well. Check for debris every day and keep his cute little adorable face always with a smile. Along with that, maintaining a healthy face should be prioritized and cleaning procedures should not cause any damage or harm to his ultra-sensitive skin. 

A happy Frenchie, a happy you!

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