When Do French Bulldogs Sleep Through the Night? From Puppyhood to Adulthood!

when do french bulldogs sleep through the night

Who thought that a French bulldog would become a vintage counter piece that subjoins the history to the present with its amiability, comfort and acquaintance? Thus French bulldogs have paved their path prudently into the warmth and the comfort of a mortal residence. However, if you are a proud owner of an adorable vintage French Bulldog, you might be pondering the question: when do French Bulldogs sleep through the night? To become a first-rate dog, a mum or a dad will be well-informed about your bulldog’s sleep cycle, as sleep is a dominant segment in a bulldog’s routine, just as it is for us.

At What Age Do French Bulldogs Typically Start Sleeping through the Night?

The bewitching phase of a Frenchie’s life cycle is always the puppy phase. However, the first few months could be a word-for-word nightmare for the owner as the puppy will not sleep at night. However, the official age for a French bulldog puppy to properly sleep through the night will be age-accelerating forward from 4 months (16 weeks).

Up to that stage of life, taking care of your puppy will be a torment at night times. However, we cannot assuredly confirm that your puppy will only sleep through the night once it is four months or older.

The age limit highly varies according to the puppy, age, health conditions, sleeping conditions and environmental conditions.

Thus, the average age limit of a French bulldog accustomed to sleeping thoroughly through the night usually starts when it is four months old, and it tends to sleep for 18-20 hours per day maximum.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Take to Sleep Through the Night?

Sleep is a real slice of a bulldog’s lifestyle as it directly affects the growth and mounding procedure of the puppy’s immune system. Hence, these vintage old souls sleep a lot through their day and life span. As the breed is accustomed to its peculiar habit of taking long naps through the day and sleeping straight through the night, you do not need to be concerned about its health unless the puppy shows unusual habits along his sleep routine.

Moreover, bedtime duration stretches due to the age range of the French bulldog, as we have mentioned below.

  • Puppy French Bulldogs need approximately 18 – 19 hours of sleep, giving them the required amount of rest and recharge for the rest of the daylight hours.
  • Adult Bulldogs tend to sleep for about 12- 14 hours per day.
  • Senior French Bulldogs sleep for 15-18 hours per day.

How Can you Encourage your French Bulldog to Sleep through the Night?

Deceiving the little one to bed will be a noteworthy tactic you can use, as sleep is also vital for you. Therefore until the Frenchie becomes accustomed to a persistent daily routine with exact time zones for sleeping, eating and other stuff, you could deceive the puppy into sleeping by following the following guidelines, more so the cues given from one dog mum to another.

  1. Introduction of a New Playtime

Please consider playing and snuggling with Frenchie for quite some time before sleep, as the energy centred on the playing will force the bulldog to sleep to gain more energy.

  1. Train your Frenchie to a Crate

Most people view a crate as another cage. Nonetheless, a crate is not a cage. More so is a private room for the dog with all its belongings. This will make him a safer space to rest and sleep.

  1. Please provide them a comfortable place to lay and spend time (a puppy bed, a small couch, etc.)
  2. Allow them to sleep with you until they feel secure in their crate.
  3. Provide the Frenchie with a comfort toy and a new companion to make him less anxious.

What Factors Can Affect a French Bulldog’s Ability to Sleep Through the Night?

As declared earlier, sleep is vital for a French bulldog, and a Frenchie is most likely to spend a good half of his day sleeping, which brings him energy to survive the rest of the day. When they are puppies, adults and senior citizens in their generation, most French bulldogs often sleep for about 18-19, 12-14 and 15-18 hours, respectively. Nevertheless, this could easily change according to the factors we will charge you with.

  1. Lifestyle and the Daily Routine

If your bulldog is extremely active when awake, it may need an extra hour or two to recharge properly.

  1. Health Conditions

If your amigo is suffering from any health issue or is older, there is a high chance of your Frenchie sleeping more hours than the cited duration.

  1. Environmental Changes

A new addition to your household, it might be furniture or another person, will affect the sleep cycle of the Frenchie as this could make the pup a lot more anxious in his own safe space.

  1. Age

As mentioned above, French bulldogs prefer a certain amount of sleep in different stages of their life, which was elaborated thoroughly.

Are There Any Specific Sleep Training Methods for French Bulldogs?

Training your Frenchie will be the best decision that you ever invested your time on. Therefore, it is a huge possibility to train your French bulldog to a specific sleep schedule using some training methods and sessions.

Thus it would make your life a lot easier, especially when dealing with a young and activated version of a time bomb that becomes ultra-evasive when it senses the odour and movement of you and the user.

Thus, training your Frenchie to sleep properly on a tight schedule requires persistence. You must use interchangeable commands like “go to bed”, “sit”, “sleep”, etc. to train the dog.

One more thing that you should pay attention to is to make sure that you use a static and strict voice and tone.

When the Frenchie finally learns to obey your very demanding commands, it will be better to consider gifting him with a treat to cheer him up for his success and his achievement as a sign of peaceful coexistence inside your residence as you build this lifelong relationship with this little creature with starry eyes. Moreover, make sure you follow that advice even when you are training the pup for other stuff.

Do French Bulldogs Puppies Require More Time to Sleep Through the Night?

A plushy coming to life can be encountered every day multiple times if you are a divine soul that decided to adopt a French bulldog.

If your puppy is sleeping excessively, snoring loud like a bulldozer is the most common thing you could expect from a Frenchie pup. However, a French bulldog puppy would wake up several times through the night as a requirement of potty time.

Therefore, the puppy won’t need extra time at night for sleep, but as a result, of the occasional waking up for a potty time, the puppy will sleep a lot during the day.

Therefore, this procedure will occur until the French bulldog pup is not precisely accustomed to a full bedtime routine and potty time.

However, after about four months or so, the puppy can sleep the night away like a little fairy. This sleep will last up to about 7 hours.

What is the Recommended Sleep Schedule for French Bulldogs

What is the Recommended Sleep Schedule for French Bulldogs?

As we illuminated you with an enormous amount of knowledge about French bulldogs and their sleep routines, you might wonder whether there is a recommended sleep routine for this breed.

Well, the routine can vary according to the owner and his comfort. However, a younger pup will sleep a lot as it requires energy to develop and grow its immunization.

However, once they are awake, be ready for a live battle for cuddles, snuggles and unlimited play time, as the pup will be full of energy.

Then when it becomes teenagers, they will gradually lessen the time they sleep, and the time they use to socialize with their family will increase. Then in old age, it will again go back to sleeping a lot at night and during the day.

Usually, bulldogs at any age will sleep 7 hours at night with or without potty breaks and several naps through the day while cuddling with the owner.

Watch this video to get a better idea,

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